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If you want to experience peace in your home so you can confidently restore your marriage.....

Then join us for the #1 virtual summit on the planet!

Reclaim Your Peace!

Virtual Summit

October 2nd - 6th

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Join me at the Reclaim Your Peace - Virtual Summit where you will....

  • Uncover actionable steps that safeguard your emotions so that you are constantly experiencing peace.   Strategically create a lifestyle of peace, happiness, joy, and love with ease.

  • Discover the groundbreaking blueprint that accelerates your healing process faster than ever.   You are no longer alone in the journey of restoration.

  • Get a clear understanding of powerful steps that will create consistency and accountability while protecting you from future pain.  Time to gain control over your life so you can comfortably give and receive love in a way that transforms.

  • Discover the transformative mindset shifts needed to remove the emotional and mental roller coaster.   It’s time for you to get back to dreaming about and building the life you adore.


Make this the year you finally get the breakthrough you've been praying for!

Are you tired of secretly struggling with experiencing peace while constantly questioning your ability to have a successful marriage?

Contrary to what some people believe...

Passive Prayer is not the answer!

I'm not going to sugar coat this for you Sis.

What you have experienced is devastating and I've been exactly where you are! Looking into the eyes of the man you gave you heart to while struggling with resentment towards him.

The uncontrollable mixed emotions interupting your day as disrespectfully as the original offense of marital trauma seems unbearable. Fluctuating from rage to grief with a few glimmers of hope must stop!

I've been in your shoes and know your pain. Since the age of 14, I've been abused by the insult of marital trauma. Watching the pain in my mother's eyes as she fell victim to my father's indiscretions. Followed by years of watching women struggle for decades with the pain associated with the affair.

I thought I would be able to avoid the bitter bite of marital trauma in my own relationships. But, that pain also came knocking at my door with a vengeance.

To make matters worse, NO ONE COULD HELP ME!!! I got sick and tired of hearing "Pray About It" and "It Takes Time".

"Time heals all wounds" is a complete lie!

And prayer by itself is not enough!

You can't continue.....

Experiencing uncertainty regarding the future of your marriage.

Battling with guilt or shame because of your outbursts of rage, fear and sometimes grief.

Enduring a loveless marriage because of your inability to connect with your husband.

And you definitely don't have the energy to continue struggling with painful recurring memories.

This is exactly why I created....

Reclaim Your Peace - Virtual Summit

This workshop is for you if...

- You are a wife that is trying her best to rebuild her marriage, but, you can't seem to push beyond the anxiety, anger and depression you feel about the current state of your relationship.

- You're husband is now recommitted to the relationship, but, your pain won't allow you to give your heart to him again.

- Deciding to stay with your husband seemed like the right thing to do, but, no one has given you clear instructions on how to eliminate the emotional and mental pain.

- Rehearsing the painful memories of how he has broken your heart has taken its toll on your clarity, peace and joy.

- You feel embarrased, humiliated and isolated so a strong support system of women that have gone through the same experience would really encourage you!

- You know God wants you to forgive your husband, but, you definitely don't want him to think he got away with mistreating you .

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The truth is.....

- Marital Trauma, including infidelity, has nothing to do with how much sex you give him, how well you cook or the weight you may have gained.

- Marriage without trust is just a prison where you're mentally & emotionally suffering in silence.

- Regular therapists, coaches or counselors may frustrate you more because they do not SPECIALIZE in infidelity recovery and don't "focus" on your needs first.

- Just praying about it isn't enough. You need prayer AND proven strategies you can implement on a consistent basis to get the results YOU need.

- Deciding to stay married is not enough. You don't want to turn into that old couple that stayed together for years and are clearly miserable.

- You do not have to turn into a docile wife with no voice. You can stand firm on the word of God AND create healthy boundaries in your marriage and protect you from future pain.

- Most importantly, you do not have to do this alone. You are not the only wife to secretly harbor resentment and struggle with restoring your marriage. Myself and my clients have been exactly where you are. I am prepared to share every secret I've taught my clients that will help you accelerate your inner healing so you can confidently experience your best life!

You no longer have time to waste!

I wasted so many years crying and allowing depression to consume me. My hair was falling out. Gained a massive amount of weight. I couldn't seem to eliminate the darkness I felt every day. I was tired of people just telling me to "pray about it".

Don't get me wrong. I am ride or die, TEAM JESUS, every day, ALL DAY!!

But, I also live by the scripture "Faith without Works is Dead". My interpretation of this scripture is to Pray, TRUST GOD, and actively move in the direction of what I am praying for.

While I am praying and trusting God to do what only HE can do, I needed clear instructions regarding what HE wanted me to do so that I am aligned with what I am praying for.

That is exactly what I did for myself and my clients.

I am gifted at discerning the root of unresolved problems while addressing overlooked red flags. This enables wives to experience success at home and in their marriage. My superpower is empowering wives to experience the divine clarity and healing needed to reconcile with their husbands.

I am practical and real. No fluffy cliques or churchie fillers. You will always get modern solutions to your problems saturated with biblical foundational truth. It isn’t an accident that you have arrived on this page and connected with me.

My goal is to help you transform your life & marriage. You will be AMAZED by what God will do in your marriage when you take the pressure and stress off of you and allow him to do the heavy lifting.

I created a clear and precise blue print my clients use to get RESULTS!

They are experiencing peace, love, happiness and clarity. Most importantly they know they are no longer alone as they navigate through this season.

I've been exactly where you are and I want you to know, YOU DON'T HAVE TO STAY THERE! I want you to experience the breakthrough you've been searching for.

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If you want to experience a fraction of my clients results, you should join me for.......

Reclaim Your Peace - Virtual Summit

"My husband and I were struggling with connecting. Communicating felt impossible and the romance died years ago. After using the strategies Arrettres covered in this program, things began to flow so much easier. I began to own my voice and communicate more effectively with my husband. He recently said he appreciated how I was speaking my mind and being clear with my requests. It makes it easier for him to show me love with MY love language. I totally see the difference in our relationship."

"My husband was cheating on me with a coworker. I was devastated and immediately filed for a divorce. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I felt betrayed! I secretly blamed the affair on myself and second guessed myself. After the affair, my self-esteem was nonexistent. Working with Arrettres helped me build up my self-esteem and see that I am valuable regardless of what my husband did. It taught me how to set healthy boundaries in relationships and set expectations for how I should be treated. It gave me permission to speak my truth. After working with Arrettres, I entertained my husbands attempt to reconcile. Because of the healing I experienced and the strategies I implemented, we were able to rebuild our marriage and are now celebrating 3 years back together."

"After 6 years of a suffering in silence, I fell into a deep depression. I would barely get out of my bed or engage with my children. My hair started to fall out and I gained so much weight. I couldn’t seem to shake the grief of trying to fix my marriage and not being successful at it. Arrettres helped me begin the healing process. The best part about it was the constant reminders to reconnect with God and reading the affirming scriptures daily. It renewed my hope. It changed my perspective of my life and my husband. I was able to prioritize my well-being and while still being the wife God created me to be. We are still working on our marriage and things have gotten so much better."

Reclaim Your Peace - Virtual Summit is for you if:

You’ve been wanting to let go of your anger towards your husband, but you’ve never really gone all in.

One day it’s “I know God can restore my marriage” and another day it’s “I think I married the wrong man and this will never work.”

Or, You continue to recite the following excuses in your head…

"I'll just learn how to cope and live with the pain."

"I feel completely alone and don't have anyone to help me get through this."

"How could I let this happen to me?"

"I don't have time for this right now!"

"I should have known better than to trust him."

"I don't even know the first step to getting this done!"

"I don't have enough money to invest in this right now"

Your excuses are delaying your healing!

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Here's What I Know For Sure!

By leveraging a strategic blend of biblical principles and proven practical techniques displayed in The Healed & Empowered Wife Methodology, our event attendees experience exceptional acceleration of their mental & emotional healing by implementing the blueprint.

Yes, it is possible for you to once again feel loved and cherished by your husband.

Yes, it is possible for you to regain your confidence & clarity!

YOU can STILL experience the Marriage Of Your Dreams!

Even as you are going through the healing process!

I want to take away the guesswork and give you the proven strategies my clients have used to experience the life and marriage of their dreams.

Yes, it is possible for you to experience happiness DAILY.

The Reclaim Your Peace - Virtual Summit

October 2nd - 6th

6:00pm CST

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Details At A Glance!

The Resentment Be Gone - Virtual Summit is 100% virtual so you can attend from the comfort of your home via your laptop, cell phone, iPad, Macbook.....or any other device that has access to the internet.

We've made it SUPER easy for you to attend and jumpstart your ability to restore your marriage!


Day #1 - Can your marriage REALLY be restored?

Day #2 - How to fully release the emotional pain.

Day #3 - How to release painful recurring memories.

Day #4 - The secret to unleashing true transformation in your marriage!

Day #5 - The Unspoken Art Of Protecting Your Peace and Beliefs!

Day #6 - Replay Day! Catch up on any session you may have missed this week.

Day #7 - BONUS SESSION: Get all your questions answered LIVE during our Q&A session.

Here are the facts!

According to the American Psychological Association, 20-40% of marriages end in divorce after experiencing marital trauma, with 17% ending after they tried to rebuild their marriage.

When you are struggling with resentment, you will not be able to trust your husband or believe he has changed. This will reduce the likelihood that you will confidently restore your marriage. Annihilating the painful memories will help you control your emotions while experiencing peace daily so you can successfully rebuild your marriage stronger than before.

Let Me Help You!

Join us for the

Reclaim Your Peace - Virtual Summit

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