(Video) How to protect your marriage from negative friends.

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You can’t allow the weight of someone else’s marriage to keep you from experiencing the marriage of your dreams.  Yes, you should be compassionate and offer assistance to other wives that are struggling.  But, you should never sacrifice your mental and emotional well being.  Unfortunately, there are some people that just want attention and sympathy.  They don’t really want to put in the work needed for them to experience true healing and restoration.  You are different.  You are ready for real transformation and restoration.  So you have to be very careful about who you allow in your circle during this season.

You’ve got to stop allowing other people to dictate where you are going in your marriage.  Just because they don’t have a successful marriage does not mean you can’t have one.  

There are many couples that have experienced a tough season of marriage.  But, with the help of God, they are happier and better than ever.   Pursue it relentlessly.

Emotionally and mentally let go of people that constantly speak negatively about marriage. 

You don’t necessarily have to end the friendship if you are not ready.  But, let go of the burden you have from carrying them and their negative thoughts.   Let go of friends that can only speak negatively about their husbands.  Yes, you want friends that are honest about the trials of marriage.  But, you also want those women to declare God’s truth.  You want women that will look at an obstacle in her marriage and say “My God is bigger than this problem.”

Surround yourself with a tribe of women that have a successful marriage.

  If you want to learn something new or improve your life, you need to surround yourself with people that can show you how to accomplish your goal.  You wouldn’t as a woman that is clearly hurting and insecure how to heal from what you have experienced in her marriage.  You would get help from a wife that has experienced the pain you’ve gone through AND has successfully recovered and restored her marriage.  Be intentional about getting the help you need.

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