Time to plan your Avon Grand Opening Party

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Avon Grand Opening Party

An Avon Grand Opening party is the perfect way to introduce your Avon business to your family and friends as well as building your clientele.  Your friends, family, customers or you can host it.  This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to let others know you are in business.

Don’t be scared.  Contact your immediate upline, District Manager or myself to help you plan your party.  We may be there with you from planning the party to submitting the orders.

  1. Ask a friend, customer or coworker to host your Avon Grand Opening Party.  Offer them a percentage of the total party sales in free products. Most representatives will offer 10% to 20%.   So if your total party sales are $500, offer her $50 in free products.
  2. You can always host your own Avon Grand Opening Party.  Invite all of your customers, family and friends to  your home to shop with you and purchase items you will have displayed.  Review the Grand Opening Checklist and/or  Avon Party Checklist to make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Choose a date and time that is convenient for you.
  4. Send invitations to everyone. Send formal invitations.  Create a facebook event page.  Blast your event on social media.
  5. Decorate your home or venue for the occasion.  Have music playing and a Avon scent sprayed throughout your home.
  6. Very light refreshments should also be available.  Cookies, chips, dip and punch would be more than enough.
  7. Have a door prize for everyone that brings a friend.  This could be a lip balm, mini bubble bath, eye makeup remover, etc.
  8. Have everyone that attends register for other door prizes you will be offering.    Avon Enter to win forms   This is very important so that you can enter their contact information into your web office and follow up with them.
  9. Order plenty of brochures and samples.  When customers arrive, give them a goodie bag with their brochure, samples and a couple order forms .
  10. Display products at the event that are available to for customers to purchase.
  11. Have a couple helpers available to help guests with their purchases.  You will need one at the door to help guests register and receive their goodie bag, one available to answer any questions your guests may have,  and one to help guests place their orders.
  12. Have a couple games prepared for everyone to play.
  13. View my other post Hosting A Successful Avon Party

So what are you waiting for!  Let’s get your Avon Grand Opening Party started!

Remember, you can always contact your District Manager, immediate upline or myself if  you need help with your Avon Grand Opening Party planning.

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