The shocking truth about a common struggle most ambitious wives secretly have and how you can easily overcome it.

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Sometimes ambitious wives have to stop and have a tough conversation with yourself.  Ask yourself the hard question “Am I contributing to the problem?”.  I know you may be tempted to point the finger at your husband.  It’s easy to blame your struggles in your marriage and life on him.  But, sometimes you are the problem.  Don’t check out on my now.  Keep reading.  I promise this will bless you and share my transparent moment.

One of my biggest struggles is how ambitious I can be.  I am a ball of fire and always ready to conquer the world.  Plus, don’t forget, I’m still a New Yorker to my core.  That comes with a certain level of intensity.  I’m a problem solver and a healer.  So when an issue arises, I always jump to solve the problem as quickly as possible and relieve as much pain as possible for everyone involved.

You would assume this is amazing quality.  Well, it has its good points.  But I can’t overlook the downside of this quality.


ambitious wives

Becoming more self-aware and patient with others will bless your relationship.

Most problem solvers and self-motivated people normally struggle with being impatient.  It isn’t intentional and normally doesn’t mean any harm.  You are driven, ambitious, and don’t have time to wait for others to catch up.  Of course not.  You have fires to put out and problems to solve.  Lives are on the line here and if you slow down lives will be lost.  No lives won’t be lost.  But, that’s the intensity that ambitious people normally move with.

But, what about the lives that were lost because you “ran over them” in the process of solving a problem.  

Most ambitious and driven wives are married to a more laid back man  Those ambitious vs. laid back couples will give birth to children with either an ambitious personality or a more laid back personality.  If you are not careful, ambitious wives will run over their laid back husband and sometimes even children.  

Of course, you don’t do this on purpose.  But you have to be intentional about offering them grace and giving them room to grow, express themself, and lead to the best of their capabilities.  Give them room to grow and evolve the way God ordained.  

Be intentional about slowing down when engaging with your spouse that has a more laid back approach towards life.  Yes, continue to support and encourage them to pick up the pace.  But offer them grace and room to breathe.

Remember, God was intentional when he created them the way they are.  Allow God to show you that their different personality balances your household and life.  

You need them to help you slow down a bit and enjoy the path you are on.  They need you to encourage them to stretch themselves a little so they can accomplish their goals that seem a little out of their reach.  

Stay Blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

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