The Avon Opportunity

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Avon Opportunity

Avon is currently offering women and men the amazing opportunity to start your own business and I would love to have you on our team!!

Benefits of selling Avon are:

  1. It is only $15 to start a your new business with Avon! 
  2. You will earn 20-50% (on our core products)
  3. You will have a FREE website for direct deliver orders.
  4. There are no minimum orders
  5. No inventory to stock.
  6. We offer life and health insurance, a savings plan for retirement

You name it, Avon can bring it to you!  This truly is the best company to work for!

Life is busy and hectic for everyone, so we have made it convenient to start your Avon business from the comfort of your own home. 

You can start immediately online by selecting this link:  www.start.youravon.com

Remember, You MUST  use reference code:  ArrettresHollins

Or , you can click on the check at the bottom of this post to begin immediately.

The on-line method only costs $15 & all of your business materials are shipped directly to you in about 5-7 days.   If you go online and sign up, please contact me as soon as you receive your kit in the mail, so that you and I can go over it together.

I would be happy to discuss the entire Avon opportunity with you and get you started ASAP. If you wish to contact me directly, you may call me at 214-926-5739 or email at avonseul@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Arrettres Hollins




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$10,000 check

This check could be yours. Click the image to start your journey to six figure income today!

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