Stop trying to be Super Mom

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Stop trying to be Super Mom 

As a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Ministry Leader, etc.,  etc., etc., women tend to wear many hats.  Those highlighted titles are just a couple.  Lets not forget doctor, nurse, motivator, cheerleader, maid, chef, tear wiper, and all the other needs people are expecting you to fill.  The main title we need to stop trying to possess is “Super Mom”.  Stop it ladies.  We tend to have an extremely long to do list, loads of laundry to do and sinks filled with dishes. Or, is that just me. lol  I will never profess to being the most organized mom.  My OCD is very well medicated by my laziness and need for a nap.  I look at the pantry and see the is chaos.  I look at the front yard and see leaves that need to be raked.  And let’s not talk about the Christmas tree that is STILL standing tall in my living room.  

After many years of being frustrated with myself and my lack of being the “perfect mom”,  I’ve learned to embrace that I am the BEST mom for my beautiful daughters.  They are well balanced, respectful, cute, mature, ok…..you know I can go on and on for days with this list.  lol  My AMAZING husband comes home every night and enjoys resting his head in this place we call home.  Not many people can say these things.  I have accomplished a lot.  I provide for my family they way they need me to provide.  

As women, we need to stop comparing ourselves to Betty Homemaker.  Why?  She doesn’t exist.  Sorry to bust your bubble and destroy your dreams of one day turning into her.  Reality is, every mom is struggling, juggling and balancing many hats.  We all have issues.  I guarantee the mom you are comparing yourself to is also comparing herself to you and feeling like you have it all together.  The grass is never greener.  Her skills are not better than yours.  She is not more organized than you.  And even if she is…WHO CARES!!!!  

One day I had a friend over and the girls were going through the sock bag.  Yes a sock bag.  Once the socks are washed and dried, they go into a cloth laundry bag that lives in my laundry room.  We do not match socks or put them together in my house.  When we need socks, we go to the sock bag, take out two socks and go about our merry way.  (Sometimes they don’t even match. lol)   She thought that was the most absurd thing she has ever heard of.  And there are probably many other people that will think the same.  BUT, guess what.  IT’S MY HOUSE!!!!  It works for us and no one else has to understand it.  We laugh at the sock bag.  It is officially a part of my family.  lol 

Moms need to be true to we are.  Be the best that you can be.  Set a standard for your home and live up to that.  Want to know if you are doing a good job?  Measure your child’s tears verses their smiles.  If they smile more than they cry, thumbs up to you mom.  You are doing an awesome job.  If they hug you and their siblings without being forced, you have shown them how to receive and give love.  If they are not tearing up Walmart every time you go shopping, you have taught them respect for others and themselves.  You are doing a good job mom!  Be proud of your accomplishments!  Celebrate your role in your family and how well you fulfill it.

So what the dishes were not all done before you went to bed.  If you an walk through your home at night and everyone is sleeping peacefully, YOU ARE BLESSED! 

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