Start your morning spending quality time with God.

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When you don’t start your day with God, you are at risk for starting your day with a higher level of anxiety.   

Starting your day with:

  1. Prayer allows you to release any struggles or burdens to God before you start your day.  Don’t carry the weight of anxiety or fear of what might happen today.  Release it to God and allow him to handle it.
  2. Gratitude gives you the opportunity to remember everything God has already done in your life.  Yes, you can even overcome the enemy by the testimony of your own words.  Testify and remind yourself that you serve the only living God that has chosen to love, provide for, and take good care of you.
  3. Reading God’s word teaches you about the character of God and what he thinks about you. This will eliminate the enemy’s ability to bombard you with lies.  When you know the truth about God and his plan for you, you won’t be tricked by any of the enemy’s lies.
  4. Meditating allows you to get to a quiet space and just listen to what God is saying.   His guidance is mandatory in every season of your life.  He knows the plan he has for you.  Instead of gambling with your future and using your own intellect to guide your plan, listen, and allow God to order your steps.  


Remember, not everyone can jump into a 30 minute to 1-hour morning routine with God.  Don’t’ beat up on yourself.  God just wants to spend time with you.   Pace yourself.  If your attention span can only accommodate 5-10 minutes, in the beginning, start there.  As you become more comfortable, add 5 more minutes to your routine.   God knows your heart and your intentions. Start small and build from there.  

Stay blessed Sis.

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