Stand firm and don’t waver when you experience opposition during this season.

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This sure has been an interesting week for me as I experienced such opposition.  I found out that my website has not been working properly for a couple of weeks.  I could view it on my end.  But, when someone else clicked on the link to my site, they received a security warning.  

Imagine my disappointment and frustration.  Working so hard to build what God has given me, only to find out that no one could view the content because of a glitch in the system.

After a LONG conversation with my website hosting company, I sat there in tears asking God if this is the path that I’m supposed to be on.  My heart only wants to be involved in or aligned with his assignment for me.  That’s it!  

Nothing more and nothing less.  I don’t have time to entertain my flesh or talents.  There are many things that I’m good at.  Things where I know I will be successful.  But, I don’t want to just be successful.  I want to be successful in my assignment.

So because of my intentions, and the level of resistance I’ve received over the past week, I had to pause.

Lord, am I still aligned with your will?  Have I drifted off into my own ambitious nature?

I took a step back for a couple of days to regroup and gain clarity.  To truly focus on my assignment and what tasks are aligned with my assignment.

I KNOW I am placed on this earth to empower wives that are hurting.  Hold their hand as they go through the process of restoration.  I am here for women choosing to honor God in their marriage.  Feisty and headstrong women that strive to live a Proverbs 31 lifestyle.  Wives that are ambitious and want to align their actions with God’s purpose for their lives.  

All of my actions, emails, products, services, posts, mentorships, etc., etc., etc, align with my purpose.  So, I felt comforted when God confirmed I’m on target.  

What I was experiencing was just a distraction.

When distractions come, it is not the time to waver.   It doesn’t matter how big the distraction is.  God is bigger.  Your calling is bigger.  Your purpose is bigger.  The assignment God has given you for this season is bigger than any distraction.  The power God has already placed in you is bigger.   If God called you to do he has also equipt you to do it.

Don’t take resistance as a sign that you are going in the wrong direction.  Opposition sometimes means you are perfectly aligned and going down the right path.  But, the enemy doesn’t want you to fulfill your purpose.  So he will do his best to create resistance in an attempt to keep you from completing your task.

So you need to stop viewing opposition as a “sign” that you are going in the wrong direction. Yes, there are times when you will experience opposition because God is trying to get you back on course.   But, if you are on course when opposition arises, it’s not time for you to waver.  Don’t change the position. 

When you experience resistance and wonder if you are on the right path, you should do these three things:  

  1. Know your assignment!  What is your assignment for this season?   Keep a journal where you have your assignment written down.  When you experience opposition and feel frustrated, remind yourself of your purpose.   Don’t waver.  Stay on course.
  2. Choose to stop listening to the noise around you.  These are all distractions.  Distractions come to push you off course.  Their only goal is to keep you from getting to the finish line.    Focus, focus, focus.  Keep your eyes on your assignment.
  3. Create a solid plan of action that will lead you to accomplish your assignment.  If your current assignment is to heal from the heartache that is negatively affecting you and your marriage, create a checklist of action steps you must take to solidify the healing process.  Follow the list until you are done.  

This is not the time for you to waver.  Hold on and focus.  You are stronger than you are allowing yourself to be.  Every day, meditate on Ephesians 6:10-18.  You’ve got this!  

Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)  No obstacle will stop you from completing your assignment.  You’ve got this, Sis! 

Stay blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

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