One simple decision that will transform your entire life!

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It’s amazing how one simple decision could transform your entire life!  This was proven to me in the midst of me letting go of something I didn’t realize was hindering me.  Baggage!  You see,  I had an old car sitting in my driveway for 3 years.  Actually, let me break this insanity down a little further so you can get a clear picture.

I had a Nissan Quest that suddenly stopped working one day.  

Since we just had my newborn baby, I was paranoid about being stuck on the side of the road……. in Texas heat……. with a newborn baby.  So, hubby agreed that it was time to buy a new vehicle for me.

God blessed me with the car of my dreams!   It literally had EVERYTHING I wanted in it.   I was SUPER excited and drove my new blessing like it was the best thing since sliced bread.  

Well, the downside is, I left the “non-running” vehicle sitting in my driveway.  In the back of my head, I kept saying I’ll sell it or give it to some charitable organization.  

But, one day turned into 2 weeks.  2 weeks turned into 2 months, which turned into 2 years.  

2 years of a vehicle that is no longer serving me in any way just sitting in my driveway.

To make this picture even worse, we moved after two years.  

Most intelligent people would have quickly sold the vehicle or gave it away BEFORE they moved.

Or at least get it to a mechanic so we can get it fixed.

But, not me.  I actually paid for a tow truck to tow it from the old house to the new house where it continued to sit in our driveway for an entire year.

Pure insanity!  

Why didn’t I just get rid of the old car that brought no value to my life?  Actually, the longer it sat in my driveway, the more its value depreciated.

Finally, after 3 long years of having this broken vehicle sitting in my driveway, I finally donated it to an organization that showed up with their tow truck and carried it away.

I don’t know why, but, I literally struggled with letting go of it.  My heart was heavy and before I knew it tears were welling up in my eyes.  Why did I have a hard time letting go of this thing that was bringing me no joy??

Since I believe everything that God allows into my life, I quickly went to him for clarity and understanding about this situation.

This is my takeaway from this Nissan Quest stronghold.

We tend to carry baggage from past relationships and situations we have experienced in our life.  This baggage, of course, isn’t doing anything for us, but, we still carry it daily.  Whether it is the pain from a broken heart, low self-esteem or trust issues, we shouldn’t carry this weight.  

This baggage keeps us from building authentic relationships.  We carry this baggage in the back of our mind and allow it to guide us.  

Why don’t we just address the baggage and let it go?  

Or even something as easy as having someone take a look at our situation and see if there is a simple and quick fix to eliminate the weight.​

But, instead, we feel comfortable.  We know the pain and have learned how to function with it.  It is familiar.  We believe it doesn’t affect our day to day life.  But, there is a subconscious boulder in the middle of all our emotional interactions.

It affects how we love.  How we forgive.  It even affects how we receive from others.  

Just like my car that was sitting in my driveway, you always consider baggage when you are trying to walk into a bigger blessing.  Even though it didn’t fit with our new blessing, we dragged it along. 

How insane is it to have a blessing in front of you that provides everything you need?  Yet, we decide to still hold on to something that is longer serving a purpose in our life.  

The baggage isn’t blessing you in any way.

It is just extra weight.

It is time to let go of baggage and emotional walls that are no longer serving a purpose in your life.  Yes, there are situations in your life that will seem difficult.  But, there is a big difference between pushing through a difficult situation and BAGGAGE that does nothing except weigh you down.  

Make a decision today to let go of the emotional baggage and allow God to heal those broken areas.  

This is what I know.

1.  God doesn’t want you to carry a burden that keeps you from walking in his peace and joy.

2.  God has the power to heal you from EVERY emotional scar you are still nursing.

But, will you let him?  Are you willing to let go and trust God again?  

You can make a decision to either walk-in FREEDOM or you can choose to walk in BONDAGE.  

I pray that you choose FREEDOM!

Be Blessed my Sister!

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