How to control the amount of healing, joy, and peace you experience.

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You have total control of the amount of healing, joy, and peace you experience daily.  Don’t over-complicate this.  

Don’t give your power away. “They made me mad” and “They aren’t making me happy” are signs that you have given too much of your power away.  You put yourself in the position of a victim when you do that.  Plus, you won’t be fully satisfied when you put all your hope and trust in your husband.  

Yes, you are supposed to experience a certain level of love and peace in your marriage.  But, your husband should never be your source.  You will always be left wanting more because he is not equipped to provide what you are longing for.  

You won’t be able to experience the peace, healing, and joy you have been desiring until you focus on God.  God needs to be refueling you.  Stop waiting for your husband to get it together and fill a void that only God can fill. 

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Stay Blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

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