How to start your healing process even if you can’t forgive your husband.

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Getting past the pain of betrayal can be difficult, and forgiveness can seem impossible, which makes starting your healing process even more unrealistic. You feel locked in an endless well of bitterness, hurt, and blame that’s left you feeling untrusting, depressed, and lonely. 

Whether you decide to stay in your marriage or not, it is mandatory that you intentionally heal from the emotional, mental, and even spiritual pain you have experienced.  Harboring unforgiveness will cloud your judgment and affect your ability to embrace love fully.  

This is why forgiveness is so important when you’ve been betrayed.  Forgiveness is not about your husband.  It is about you and creating a better, emotionally healthier future for yourself. After infidelity, you are the one that lives with the rage, jealousy, and feelings of victimhood, not the cheater.

Forgiveness means letting go of the anger and the emotional roller coaster related to your husband’s infidelity.  It does NOT mean you are condoning what he has done.  

start your healing process

Forgiveness WILL make YOU feel better because you are no longer carrying the burden of what they have done.  

The process starts with giving yourself permission to heal and move on.  Acknowledge that you are ready to move beyond the pain, anger, and shame of his betrayal and into abundant peace, love, and joy.  It’s about you, your future, and opening your heart to receive love and trust again.

It requires an intentional step toward healing.  Time does NOT heal all wounds.  It requires intentionality.  Ignoring the problem and thinking it will all get better on its own will not fix the problem.  

Look at it this way.  If you broke your leg, would you ignore it and wait for “time” to heal it?  Of course not.  You would visit a professional that can help you repair your broken leg and prevent further damage.

Your heart, emotions, and mental well being are just as important.  If you want to repair what is broken and prevent further damage, be intentional, and seek help.  

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Stay Blessed, Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

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