How to skyrocket your inner healing after the betrayal of infidelity!

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In Restored & Confident Wife Life, we are focused on getting you your first quick win of experiencing inner healing.

Today, I would like to share a sneak peek into the very first module of the Restored & Confident Wife Life with you… which is experiencing inner healing!

As you know, the Restored & Confident Wife Life will help you to skyrocket your confidence, clarity, and inner healing, and the first step to accomplishing that would be to experience inner healing.

In the Restored & Confident Wife Life, we use a 3-step process to help you to experience inner healing.

We’ve had students who managed to experience inner healing in as little as 1 day.

Here are 3 quick tips we cover in the program that would help you to experience inner healing:

1. Read God’s word EVERY morning.

Reading the bible daily makes you a warrior for yourself, your marriage, and your family. As a wife, you set the tone for your family and you have a very powerful role of influence. By reading scripture daily—you are taking a stand to turn your heart to God and His plans for you and your family. In the Restored & Confident group coaching program, I provide you with a strategic bible study plan that gets to the root of your frustrations and transforms your life!

2. Create your list of gratitude every morning.

Regularly practicing gratitude can help ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and is linked to mood improvement. Practicing gratitude fosters positive feelings and can contribute to a sense of well-being when done regularly. Expressing genuine gratitude on a daily basis can improve physical health as well by improving quality of sleep, cardiovascular (heart) health, and immune function.

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3. Listen to your uplifting playlist every morning.

Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. Music can raise your mood, get you excited, or make you calm and relaxed. Yes, the type of music you listen to sets the tone for your day. That’s why in Restored & Confident Wife Life, I provided you with the exact playlist I and my 1:1 clients have used to set the tone for our day and experiencing constant joy.

So yes, see you inside Restored & Confident Wife Life!

We’ll help you experience inner healing and then after that, skyrocket your confidence & clarity.

Stay Blessed Sis,

Arrettres Hollins

Are you struggling with healing from your husband’s infidelity?

Imagine what your life would be like…..
– You increase your clarity as you take control of your life and target areas of marriage empowerment.
– You experience JOY and PEACE while virtually eliminating painful memories of infidelity.
– You rebuild your confidence so you can quickly fall back in love with yourself again.
– You create safe boundaries and fall in love with your husband again.

And that’s exactly what the “5 Powerful Secrets To Skyrocket Your Confidence And Happiness After Infidelity” masterclass will help you experience.

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