How to increase sales and reach Presidents Club with Avon in 2015?

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How to increase sales and reach Presidents Club with Avon in 2015?

It is time to start planning now.  If you are serious about making money with Avon, now is the time to dust off your boots and create a plan for success.

Presidents Club is VERY obtainable.   If you create a plan of action and stick with it, you will make it!

What is Presidents Club and Why should you strive for this? 

Presidents Club is a sales title you receive once you have sold $10,000 in products.  This goal is very attainable. 

Benefits of Presidents Club are:
40% EARNINGS GUARANTEED (and 25% on fixed-earnings items).
• Order up to three demos of any product in each What’s New.
• Invitation to the President’s Recognition Program Division Gala Event.
• Birthday and Holiday points.**
• Toll-free number for account services.
• Advance Brochure Program—receive a brochure two campaigns early for a small fee.†
• Congratulatory messages for achievement.
NEW! Points awarded to your account that can be redeemed for the 2015 Mrs. Albee Award or for one of over 3,000 other items found on Rewards HQ. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!
NEW! Product Bundle presented at the PRP Division Gala Event.
NEW! Achievement Pin presented at President’s Recognition Program Gala Event for highest level of achievement.
**Birthday Points will be awarded in the first campaign of the month of your birthday. Holiday Points will be awarded in C-25.

Our Cycle begins with C1 in December 2014 and ends in C26 of December 2015

Are you ready?  Now is the time to start planning for success in 2015.  Everyone is able to achieve Presidents Club with a detailed plan and consistency.  I can definitely help you with a plan for success.  You only need to average $400 per campaign (from campaigns 1 – 26) or reach $10,000 in award sales for the cycle to make President’s Club for 2015!  Do not be discouraged if you join Avon in the middle of the year.  I know reps that have achieved Presidents Club in 6 months.

My favorite reason for joining Presidents Club is the guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size the following year and and invitation to the Presidents Recognition Gala!

We can not forget all of the extra money you will make from selling $400 in products every campaign.  Cha-Ching $$

I want to bring 10 representatives to the 2016 Presidents Recognition Gala and give special recognition to you every campaign!  Who is with me?  We can do this!

Here is a simple plan of action:

  1. Order at least 100 brochures each campaign.  You want $400 in orders every campaign?   You need more customers.  You want more customers?  You need more brochures.  Let’s do this!  100 brochures only cost $21.  You must be willing to make a small investment in the growth of your business. 
  2. Participate in the Power of 5 daily.  I must be honest.  I used to cringe at the thought of giving a brochure to 5 different people each day.  But, you are missing out on valuable new customers and lots of money.  I normally give out 20 brochures a day.  I don’t go out of my way to do this.  While I go through my daily routine, I give people brochures.  While I in line at Walmart, I give the people in line with me a brochure.  While I am shopping, I give other customers a brochure.  (contact me if you need help with this)
  3. Have at least 1 fundraiser per month.  This is an easy way to get more customers and recruits.  Contact day cares, girl scouts, cheer squads, volleyball teams, schools, church youth organizations, etc.  Ask them if they need to raise funds for anything.  You can view details at youravon.com under the Earnings Opportunities tab. 

Contact me asap so that we can work together and make sure you reach Presidents Club or view details be selecting the link below!

2015 Presidents Recognition

I am looking for 10 representatives that are serious about making it to Presidents Club.  I want to work with you.  Contact me ASAP! 

I will be sharing more strategies that will help you achieve Presidents Club in 2015.  Be sure to subscribe to this post blog and check your spam folder for emails. 

 Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak. 

It takes dedication, determination and a strong will to keep moving forward!

Connect with me today!

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