How to be a successful Leader with Avon?

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How to be a successful Leader with Avon?

You now have your first recruit and you’ve joined the ranks of many Avon Representatives.  You are well on your way to residual income!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We want to keep your momentum going.  There are many strategies you can use to remain successful and earn a hefty residual income.

  1. You should be ordering a minimum of 100 brochures every campaign.
  2. Make sure every brochure you give away has a recruiting flyer on it.  You can use any of the material found on my Avon flyers and files page.
  3. Diligently follow the 4 Weeks to Unit Leader Program.  This strategy has proven results from many successful Leadership Reps.  The main points are #1 you will prospect for 1 hour, 3 times a week and  #2 you will do the power of 5 the other 4 days of the week. 
  4. Your goal should be to sign up two new reps per week.  If you are consistent with 4 Weeks to Unit Leader, then you will definitely achieve this goal.
  5. Review 5 Powerful Benefits to Leadership and How to Advance now.
  6. Call your downline at least once per camp to check on them.  See if they are needed help with building their sales or getting new customers.
  7. Email any of my sales building blog posts to your downline.  They should receive at one blog post per campaign.
  8. Complete Leadership Online training.  You can find these at youravon.com under the Trainings Tab. 
  9. Encourage your downline to complete sales online training at youravon.com.  This will give them a good foundation to grow their business on. 
  10. Familiarize yourself with Downline Manager at youravon.com under the Sales Leadership Tab.  This system will help you manage your downline and review their progress.   Check your reports and numbers there daily.
  11. Partner with your upline or District Manager.  They can help you grow your downline by inviting  you to recruiting events in your district
  12. Most Importantly……..Create a schedule!  You must have a schedule for every assignment you will do that will help you grow your business.  Whether it is labeling brochures or prospecting, you need to have these events on your calendar and STICK TO IT!
  13. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.  We all want our business to explode over night.  It normally takes time, diligence and consistency to grow a successful business.

One extra point I believe all business owners need to know.  This is y0ur business.   You must learn how to grow YOUR business for YOURSELF!  Your upline and District Manager is available to help you grow your business.  But, it is all up to you.  I don’t have an upline, but, was blessed with two AMAZING DISTRICT MANAGERS (Beth Wahl & Deana McNeely)  Whether you have support or not, you determine whether you will be successful or not.  You go out and hustle every day.  You plan opportunities to grow your business.  You stick with the plan.   Plan to succeed and don’t give up!

If you are not an Avon representative and would like to join my National Team of Avon representatives, select this image.  sell avon

Arrettres Hollins

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