Grow a National Team of Avon Representatives using social media!

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Grow a National Team of Avon Representatives using social media. 

In THREE Simple Steps!

  1.  Register on youravon.com & Activate your Avon eStore today–  You will need your district and account number from your welcome to Avon email.
  2. Find your Reference Code – Go to weboffice.  Look for “your website address is:”  on the right hand side of the screen.  You will see the web address you will give to your customers so that they are able to shop your website.  For example, mine is www.youravon.com/arrettreshollins  Your reference code is what is after the /.  My reference code is ArrettresHollins.
  3. Send your friends and family to: startavon.com and give them your Reference Code.  When they start their own Avon business, they will automatically be linked to your team!

You’ve made the right decision to start your new Team!  You have now entered the world of residual income and bonus checks.

Here are a couple success tips for developing a National Team of Avon Representatives using social media!

Take full advantage of technology!

  1. TO STAY IN TOUCH: Texts, emails, social media, ph0ne, etc.  Be sure to ask your representatives how they want you to communicate with them?
  2. TO TRAIN:  Face to Face, via Skype, Webinars via FREE online meeting platforms.
  3. TO RECOGNIZE: Social media, facebook, ecards, blog or website


Take full advantage of New Representative Tools!  Start your new team members business off right with:

  1. Daily Care Collection for $19.99 (available only on 1st orders).  Get orders immediately!
  2. Business Booster for $35 (available within first 3 orders only) Great products to try and demo!
  3. Just 4 You Incentive (available on first 5 orders only)  More great products to try and demo for FREE.

*Find more details on these opportunities on youravon.com>new representative center or youravon.com>sales leadership>new representative supports> new representative center.

Take full advantage of Avon provided opportunities!

  1. Welcome to Avon Webinars (every Monday night at 8pm ET)
  2. Welcome to Leadership Webinars (every other Thursday night at 8:30pm ET)
  3. National Business Buzz Meetings (monthly)
  4. Participate in Avon’s Suit Up and Recruit incentives

**Go to youravon.com>Training Tab> Avon Pathways for a complete calendar of available training and opportunities


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