Feed Your Shoe Fetish! Tall Black Suede Boots

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Feed Your Shoe Fetish! Tall Black Suede Boots

Shoes!  GLORIOUS shoes!  What Girl does not LOVE shoes???   I know there are probably a couple out there, but, I sure don’t know any of them.

Whether you love rocking stilettos or a sassy wedge, make sure you FEED YOUR SHOE FETISH! 

What is a shoe fetish? 

According to Arrettres Hollins 😉  A shoe fetish is an overwhelming LOVE for shoes.  Not just any shoes.  We are talking about over the top, dazzle, dramatic and painfully gorgeous shoes!

Yes painfully gorgeous!  Lets be real.  Seems like the more glamorous the shoe, the more your feet will hurt while wearing them.   But, this doesn’t have to always be the case.  There are amazingly HOT shoes out there that will Feed Your Shoe Fetish and keep your toes feeling nice and cozy. 

My MUST HAVE  shoe of this winter is the………drumroll please……

Mixed Details Tall Boots! 

Black Suede Boots

Mixed Detail Tall Boot
Item #889-991 

This Black Suede Boot is more than amazing!  I am a Yankee! (Boogie Down For Life lol)  All Yankee’s LOVE boots.  We have to.  As much as it snows up North, you have to get used to wearing boots.  But, as a Lady, we want to be warm, comfortable and SASSY!

These Sassy Boots do the trick!  The Lush, black genuine suede combines with shiny goldtone zipper trim and a killer shiny goldtone heel.  Talk about a stunning, knee-high styled statement. The 3 1/2″ heel normally does it for me.  But, adding the goldtone zipper trim??? WHAT?!?!?  Over the top in LOVE!

And did I mention these Black Suede Boots are Real Suede??  Yes, these babies are real suede!

The Black Suede Boot is a must have for your winter Diva Strut!

These boots will rest on your calf right below your knee.  So, please do not wear them with a long skirt.  Of course you can, but, why hide the glamour of the boot.

I suggest you wear these Black Suede Boots with skinny jeans,  leggings or a short skirt. (But, please not too short.  Remember we are ladies!)

They come in whole sizes: 6-10 and can be purchased online for only $90.  Yes I said $90 for a genuine suede tall boot with a goldtone heel.  You can not beat that price!

So where can you purchase these Black Suede Boots?  Right from where you are currently sitting.  You can buy these amazing black suede boots online, right now.  Select this image and you will be taken to the website.  But, don’t forget the item number #889-991.  Select Whats New in the menu -> enter item number #889-991 in the search box. Select your size and submit your order.

Don’t hesitate.  Submit your order today and these Sassy Black Suede Boots will be on your feet withing 3-5 business days.  Did, I also mention the free shipping?  Yes, you will receive FREE shipping today.

Know a Diva that could ROCK these boots?  Be a friend and this post with them.

Now, you are well on you way to Feeding Your Shoe Fetish! Until next time Ladies!smooches


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