Does your husband know what makes you feel emotionally connected to him?

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Over the last few days, you’ve been learning how to ignite romance back into your marriage by catering to his manly ego. lol.   If you missed the previous lesson –> CLICK HERE TO READ IT

Now this time you’re going to find out how to get him to love you in a way that means the most to you.

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And now for today’s tip…

Tell your husband exactly what he can do that will help you feel loved by him. Be very specific when you tell him what makes you feel emotionally connected to him. I get it. Yes, you are thinking he should know this by now. He didn’t need help when he was dating you. You want him to know what to do without you having to tell him.

Let’s be real for a minute.

  1. Your husband is not psychic. Unexpressed expectations will normally end up with you feeling disappointed.
  2. You have grown and changed since you two were dating. Your likes and dislikes have evolved. What worked when you were dating might now work at this stage in your marriage.

Example: When I was in my twenties, I didn’t like fresh flowers or feel special when someone bought some for me. It just wasn’t my thing. But, now that I am here in my 40’s, I ADORE everything about fresh flowers. When I didn’t share this information with my husband, he based all gift-giving on our history. I was disappointed when he didn’t show up with a bouquet of flowers. When I decided to share my new expectations with him, that gave him the opportunity to rise to the occasion and show me love in a way that makes me feel most love.

When we were dating, I ALWAYS wanted to go out. Movies, dinner, night clubs, you name it, I wanted to be there with him. But, now??? Honey, let me tell you. Netflix and chill is my best friend and favorite date night. But, my hubby would only know that because I’ve expressed this to him.

So instead of expecting him to automatically know what you want for your next special occasion or how you want to be loved daily, tell him!

If you want him to ask about your day when you come home, tell him!

If you want him to cuddle with you on the couch, tell him!

If you want him to grab your bootie while your washing dishes, TELL HIM!

That’s it for this time. 

Stay blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

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Here’s that link again: BLISS


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