Commonly Used Business Tools and Information

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Commonly Used Business Tools and Information

1.  Clear Literature Bags – 058-433  50bags/ for $.80

This Avon bag has a hole cut out so that you can hang it on doors.  It can also be used to toss books on driveways.

2.  Order Book – 347-802 (English) or 347-817 (Spanish)   FREE – No Limit – Order what you need!

This is the book that comes with the carbon paper in the back that can be used when you take orders from customers.  You can also purchase a Hard pink cover that the order books fits into if you wish to look more professional – 129-842  

3.  Delivery Bags

Small Popcorn Bag    951-136    50bags for $.95 cents

Large Popcorn Bag (This is the only bag I use)   10lb paper bag   951-140  50bags for $1.25

XL Paper Shopping Bag (Extra Large tote bag with handles)   951-121  10 bags for $2.95

L Paper Shopping Bag (Large tote with handles)   951–102 10 bags for $2.55

M Paper Shopping Bag (Medium tote with handles)   951-098   10 bags for $2.25


Avon Phone Numbers

Avon Customer Service                     1-513-551-2866

Avon Fast Talk                                     1-866-488-2866

Avon Product Information                1-800-445-2866

Leadership Hotline                              1-800-443-2831

Leadership Fax #                                  1-770-271-6442

Leadership/Spanish                             1-800-443-2831

Internet Support                                    1-888-514-2866

Fund-Raisers                                         1-800-894-5496

Quick Pay Issues                                  1-877-784-5729


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