Campaign 7 – Recognition for Team Look And Be Wealthy

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 Congratulations to the TOP Avon Representatives of Team Look And Be Wealthy. 

You are doing an amazing job and I am very proud of you.

home based business, work from home, avon


We unfortunately didn’t have any $400 Club members in C7.  But it isn’t too late for you in C8!

Want to achieve $400 Club Status and begin earning $200 or more EVERY two weeks?  View Wealth Building Strategies! Week #3 – How to earn $200 every campaign selling Avon?   or contact me for assistance asap!

*Top 9 in sales reps are:   wealth, home based business, sell avon

Joyce-Candy Bowens       $287
Darnesia Mohair              $280
Bridget Parrish                 $265
Linda Morris                     $223
Rosa Bailey                        $199
Jasmine Cobbs                 $191
Rosetta Furtch                 $172
Annette Comer                 $161
Susan Schmidt                $155
*Sales must be $150 or more to be included

Avon Sales Achievements: Join the President’s Club to Earn 40% on all Full Earnings Products in 2015

Are you tracking for Presidents Club?  Your Cycle to Date Sales for C7 should be $2695 or more!

Congratulations to the following representatives that are on target or very close!  Keep up the good work!

Joyce Candy Bowens

Rosetta Furtch

Patience Omakor

Diane Arterburn

Bridget Parrish

Don’t worry if your name isn’t on this list yet.  It isn’t too late to jump on board and begin tracking.  I have are proven strategies that will boost your sales tremendously and get you in!

Everyone is able to achieve Presidents Club with a a detailed plan and consistency.  I can definitely help you with a plan for success.  You only need to average $400 per campaign (from campaigns 1 – 26) or reach $10,000 in award sales for the cycle to make President’s Club for 2015! When you are a PC member, you are guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size the following year and receive other great benefits!  Contact me asap so that we can work together and make sure you reach Presidents Club or view details be selecting the link below!

Presidents Recognition Program  2015

 Avon’s Rewards & Recognition Program!  Congratulations on taking advantage of all the free gifts.

avon salesWinner of 50 Points

  1. Joyce Candy Bowens
  2. Teresa KayMcquern

Winner of 25 Points

  1. Gwena Hargrove

Winner of 75 Points

  1. Teresa KayMcquern

Winner of 100 Points

  1. Bridget Parrish

  View Details Regarding 2015 Rewards & Recognition Program!

A very hearty WELCOME to the New Representatives of Team Prevail

  1. Joyce Boanor
  2. Allen Cole
  3. Annette Comer
  4. Felicia Cooper
  5. Christina Daniels
  6. Kuneshia Goss
  7. Valeria Herrada
  8. Bridget Hill
  9. Brenda Johnston
  10. Shawana Jones
  11. Saundra Knight
  12. Brittney Lubonne
  13. Ruby McChristian
  14. Abigail Reyes
  15. Nina Spigner
  16. Johnna Sweet
  17. Sherma Wilson

** Stay connected! Join our Facebook group Team Look and Be Wealthy today!

Remember you are in business for yourself, but, you are never by yourself.  Contact me, your upline or District Manager if you have an questions about growing your business to a 6figure income today!

The Star Club!

I am very PROUD of the following representatives that have taken their Avon business by the horns and decided to take advantage of all the money Avon is giving away.  Leadership is the first step to financial freedom! 

Darnesia Mohair
Bridget Parrish
Angela Mohair
What to join  The Star Club?  Just recruit at least one new representative every campaign.  That’s all you have to do.  Contact me when you sign your representative up every campaign and I will add you to The Star Club
 You are so close to receiving those bonus checks and advancing to Unit Leader.  Don’t give up now!  
What do you need to advance?   
  1. Sign up 6 people (at least 3 MUST place an order)
  2. Have total Unit Sales of $1200
  3. Your personal campaign sales must be $200 or more


Add your name to this list.  Just say the phrase that pays to 3 new people a day.  “Do you know anyone that is interested in making extra $300-$400 a month?”  

Some of you are very close to advancing to Unit Leader and getting those advancement bonuses.  Please review 4 Weeks to Unit Leader for instructions on how to achieve Unit Leader fast.  Contact me asap so that we can plan and work together. 

View details at  5 Powerful Benefits of Avon Sales Leadership and how to advance now!

Contact me if you need help. 
HAPPY  AVON ANNIVERSARY TO THE BEST OF THE BEST!   Wishing you many more years of Avon Success!

avon anniversary

Jeanie Golden – 6 Avon years

Christine Saccomanno – 6 Avon years

Susan Ford – 8 Avon years

               A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR March BABIES!!!Happy birthdayMary Randolph

Ashlee Ware

Rosetta Furtch

Gwena Hargrove


conference call picture

When you learn more, you will earn more! Be sure to attend one of these conference calls to learn how to build a successful Avon business.  View details Wealth Building Conference Calls here!


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Most organizations will make at least *$2000 each time they have a fundraiser with you.  

As the Avon Representative, you will normally make at least *$500 per fundraiser. 

Find details at youravon.com > earning opportunitites > Fundraising

*earnings are based on total sales of the fundraiser. 

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$10,000 check
This is a copy of Senior Executive Unit Leaders Lisa Wilber’s check. You too could begin receiving checks like this from Avon. Contact me asap so that we can work together and get you there.

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