Are you obsessed with Social Media?

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Are you obsessed with Social Media?

I LOVE my cell phone.  Can not leave my home without it.   Every free unoccupied moment is normally spent with my face looking down at that tiny screen.  If I am not looking at the screen, I am sitting with it in my hands.  Funny thing about it, I HATE talking on the phone.  I rarely just sit on the phone and talk to people.   So why am I soooo attached to my phone?  The same reason you are attached to your phone.  Text, facebook, twitter, instagram, games, google+.  You name it.  We spend way too much of our time scrolling through the lives of our friends and family through social media.  We are obsessed with Social Media!  We connect with each other without “connecting” with each other.

These high tech gizmo’s and gadgets were created to help us connect to family and friends.  But, instead of helping us connect with each other….it created a society that is terribly disconnected from people sitting in the room next to them.   Think about it?  I sat in a room of 9 adults yesterday.  7 of them were on social media.  Every once in a while they would look up and share a funny clip or status from their news feed with the group.  The other 2 were texting…..and occationally texting people that were in the room.  lol

It might be time for us to cut back on social media so that we can reconnect with people around us. 

WHAT?!?! I know.  It hurt to read that.  IT HURT ME TO SAY IT!!!  But,  we may need to refocus.  Life is passing us by.  We are not engaging in our current situations.  Missing out on creating memories because we are trying to get caught up with what everyone online is doing.

Baby steps of course.  Withdrawal from technology is not pretty.  We can start out small.

Here are 3 baby steps to overcome your obsession with social media!

  1. When your gadget is charging, DO NOT USE IT!  We’ve all read and heard the warning of using your device while it is plugged in.  But, we are all guilty of using it while it is being charged.  Stop doing that.  Give your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. and your brain time to unwind and reboot.  Plug it up and walk away!
  2. While you are driving, put it as far away from you as possible.  Of course we do not condone texting and driving.  Big fat NO NO!!!   Overcome the temptation by leaving it in your purse.  Leave it in your glove compartment.  Even more daring……leave it in your trunk!  O_O  Yeah, sounds crazy, but, it will help you focus.
  3. Here is the most drastic step!  Brace yourself.  Are you ready?  When you are having a face to face conversation with someone……put your phone away.  Nothing wrong with selfie nation.  We know that at any moment you two may need to take a picture.  But, if you are about to have a conversation with someone, put your phone away.  Give the other person your undivided attention.  Focus and engage.  You both will appreciate the attention once the conversation is over. 

The moral of the story is not to just overcome your obsession with social media.  Cutting back on social media is the first step to building memories with family and friends that will impact your life more than your gadget or gizmo. 

We need to engage more!  Be present in the moment.  Be attentive and enjoy our life more by reconnect with people around us.  

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