All these lies they have been feeding you about infidelity!

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All these lies that they have been feeding you about infidelity!

I’m so tired of seeing gurus spread lies about healing from infidelity.

It hurts me to see so many people stumble when it comes to healing because of all these lies being spread in the coaching industry.

It all ends today. I will uncover some of the biggest lies I have observed being repeatedly told in this industry, with the biggest lie at the end of this email!

Lie 1: Wives must be quiet and passive.

This is a terrible one. They tell you that you can’t speak up for yourself. You can only pray about it. Now I am 100% for prayer at all times! Yes, yes, and YES! And I also know there are times when God will release you to speak up for yourself and create boundaries in your marriage.

So of course we don’t want to be the type of wife that raises H$#%& every time things don’t go the way we intended. But, we do want to walk in the power God has placed inside of us. Use it wisely and create boundaries that protect our marriage and family from every trick of the enemy.


Lie 2: Wives must do everything to keep their husbands at home and happy.

Women are always being told what they need to do in order to keep their husband’s home. First of all, who is teaching the MEN what they need to do in order to be an amazing husband and leader? It is rare to see men being held accountable for being the men of God they were created to be. All the blame and responsibility are placed on the wife.

Where meals cooked for him every evening?

Did she keep up her appearance?

Did she cater to him?

Was she giving him sex as often as he desired?

So many people are quick to look at the wife when the husband strays from their marriage. But, let’s be clear….Men are responsible for their own actions! They made a covenant with God to love their wife as Christ loves the church.

This doesn’t dismiss our responsibility to fulfill our duties as a wife. But, what we are not going to do, is shift ALL blame and responsibility onto the wife. Not today and not on my watch!

Lie 3: Time heals all wounds.

I saved the biggest lie for the last one. This is one that I personally hate seeing because it is so incredibly toxic and misleading.

If you break your arm, you wouldn’t just walk around for months saying “time will heal my broken arm”. That would be insane. You would go to the doctor so they place a cast or stint on it. Why? So that it can heal properly. If you don’t, it could lead to so many other issues ranging from an infection to your arm becoming deformed.

So why wouldn’t you handle your broken heart, your mental and emotional well being and marriage with the same level of care?

Suffering in silence is no longer an option. It leads to depression, insecurities, shame, isolation, and a long list of other issues that you don’t need in your life.

You must be intentional about seeking professional help so that your broken heart can heal properly.

The truth has come to light!

I hope that you now see the light! These lies are all so incredibly toxic… bid them goodbye and your journey to inner healing will be so filled with less pain and frustration.

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