5 Tips to Make More Money with Avon

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5 Tips to make more money with Avon

Avon is an amazing opportunity for you to make more money.  But, signing up to sell a product won’t automatically put money into your pockets.  You need more customers to make more money.  Once you have them,  you need to offer amazing product and excellent customer service.   Here are a couple strategies that will build your business and gain more customers.  

  1. Order a couple demo’s of perfume in preparation for Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.  Fill a basket with perfume/colognes and bring it to your local dealership or mechanic shop. Allow the men or employee’s to sample the fragrances. They will be eager to purchase on the spot for their wives or girlfriends.
  2. Find new customers by doing the following:
    – Leave catalogs at auto repair shops.
    – Approach garage sales and offer them an Avon Fundraiser.
    – Give the teller at your bank a catalog.
    – Hang a brochure inside a restroom stall. Captive audience.
    – Leave a brochure at a beauty salon.
  3. Build your customer list. The next time you make a delivery, stop at the house or apartment next door. When the door opens, say, “I was just delivering Avon to your neighbor and thought you might like to see a brochure as well.” This makes the visit seem less like a cold call and more like a valuable service.
  4. Give customers a break. Offer a free gift to anyone who gives you a referral, or to the customer who gave you the biggest order or placed the most orders throughout the year.
  5. Take one of our free online courses. This is a great time of year to visit yourAVON.com and take one of the course at Avon University.  Remember “The more you learn, the more you learn!

**BONUS!  You should host a Fundraiser!  This is the easiest way to gain new customers,  recruits and make lots of money.  View my blog regarding How to have a fundraiser today!  Contact me if you need help.

I challenge you to choose two steps you will implement this week.  Follow through and share your success in the comments section once you complete the strategy.

As always, feel free contact me if you need help making extra money and growing your business.

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