3 actionable quick tips to have peace of mind regardless of what is going on in your life right now!

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Hey Sis!

Want to have peace of mind regardless of what is going on in your life right now?

Let’s skip the fluff and go straight to the actionable quick tips that you can implement immediately.

Quick Tip 1: Start each day reflecting on what God has already done in your life. Make a list in your PRAYER JOURNAL of at least 20 miracles or provisions that God has already made for you.

Why is this important? The word of God says that we overcome by the word of our testimony. (Revelations 12:11) When you testify of the goodness of God and miracles he has already performed in your life, it is like a power boost your faith. It reminds you that God has already done great things in your life. Why would he stop now? Don’t allow the enemy to make you think that God is no longer aware of your situation. He loves you and only wants to bless you.

Before I started doing this, I was going through a ROUGH patch in my marriage and experiencing a terrible financial strain. Honey, it was horrible! In the midst of one of my pity parties, God reminded me of one of the hardest times in my life. My ex-husband had just left me, I lost my job and was abandoned in a new state with no money. I can’t begin to tell you ALL the things God did during that season. But, let me tell you this, I never went without! God showed up in ways that only he can do.

As I reflected on this, I began to think about ALL the other times that God did great things for me. Before I knew it, I felt empowered to push through everything that I was experiencing.

Quick Tip 2: Recite scriptures that speak life into your specific situation.

There is a scripture for EVERYTHING you are currently going through. The word of God is a two-edged sword ready to slice through everything that is trying to make you anxious or walk in fear. (Hebrew 4:12)

Recite and memories scriptures that will empower you to push through this season and experience peace of mind.

Here are 2 scriptures that I recite when I am struggling.

  • Philippians 4:6-7
  • Romans 8:28

These scriptures help me stay grounded and remind me to focus on God as my shield and the lifter of my head.

When times get hard, I go back to the word of God to encourage and strengthen me. The word of God has NEVER failed me.

Quick Tip 3: Stay away from negative people.

Look, Sis!  I don’t play and neither should you! You have one time to show me that you are unable to have a positive conversation. ONE TIME!!

Now, I’m not talking about someone that is going through a tough season and needs encouragement. I’m talking about the Debbie Downers, Petty Betty, Gossiping Galinda, Negative Nancy. I’m talking about the folk that can always find something negative to say or talk about.

Those kinds of people will suck the joy out of you and leave you feeling depleted and defeated. You don’t need this kind of energy in your life.


Get them out of your life. Free yourself from the stench of their negativity. TODAY!

Choose to surround yourself with people that have the level of energy that you desire to be around.

It is freeing and you deserve it!

There you go!

3 quick tips to help you have peace of mind regardless of what is going on in your life right now!

I have tried all 3 myself, and they all work amazingly well.

Now, go forth and implement!

Stay Blessed Sis,

Arrettres Hollins

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