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Stand firm and don’t waver when you experience opposition during this season.

This sure has been an interesting week for me as I experienced such opposition.  I found out that my website has not been working properly for a couple of weeks.  I could view it on my end.  But, when someone else clicked on the link to my site, they received a security warning.   Imagine my […]

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3 Self-care tips for busy wives.

Hey Beautiful!  Check out the video below to view a super quick video regarding 3 Self-care tips for busy wives. 1. Have your own hobbies that you enjoy. Stop waiting for your husband to entertain you or participate in activities.  Identify something that brings you joy and schedule time for you and your hobby daily. 2. […]

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One simple decision that will transform your entire life!

  It’s amazing how one simple decision could transform your entire life!  This was proven to me in the midst of me letting go of something I didn’t realize was hindering me.  Baggage!  You see,  I had an old car sitting in my driveway for 3 years.  Actually, let me break this insanity down a […]

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3 tips that will help you start the healing process so that you can restore your marriage.

Some women are struggling with overcoming the trauma they have experienced in their childhood or during their relationships.  There are many ways to overcome these issues and start the healing process.  But, I’ve noticed that some overlook the most important issue when trying to restore their marriage.  So I want to share with you 3 […]

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2 Things To Remember When Your Husband Is Getting On Your Nerves.

I was listening to the radio as a young lady complained about her husband.  She expressed her need for a divorce and gave an extensive list of all the reasons she needed to leave.  I wasn’t too shocked by her argument.  I was there before.  Feeling a void in marriage and expecting my husband to […]

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Modern Moms and God!

We live in a society where being a stay at home mom is looked down upon.  Today’s women must be ambitious go-getters.   Many moms are working outside of the home.  Either by choice or financial responsibility, we have entered the workforce and have taken it by storm.  We are running billion dollar businesses and changing corporate […]

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