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5 Tips to Make More Money with Avon

5 Tips to make more money with Avon Avon is an amazing opportunity for you to make more money.  But, signing up to sell a product won’t automatically put money into your pockets.  You need more customers to make more money.  Once you have them,  you need to offer amazing product and excellent customer service.   […]

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8 Steps To Successfully Start Your Avon Business

Buy Avon Sell Avon  8 Steps To Successfully Start Your Avon Business. This is the QUICK GUIDE to getting started.  You received this information with your enrollment kit.   FIND CUSTOMERS Contact all of the people on your Invitation List to share a brochure.  If you have not created this list yet, create a list […]

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10 Ways to Sell More Avon!

10 Ways To Sell More Avon! 1. Call EVERY Customer a few days after you deliver a brochure. 2. Set a goal to conduct one Avon party every campaign. Reward the host. 3. Invite your customer to have a friend over when you delivery her order or brochure. 4. Have an open house and have […]

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It is Lead Day!

It is Lead Day! Time to follow up with all of your old leads.  Contact all leads you haven’t spoken to in 30 days and see how they are doing.  Offer them the Opportunity to sell Avon again.  You never know what could have transpired since you last spoke to them.  They might not have […]

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Want to know how you can make extra money for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner!  Are you ready to earn your Christmas money by joining the #1 direct selling beauty company in the world? Earn $200 to $400 per month and potential residual income. I will teach you how! No Inventory No Territories No Sales Quotas No Mandatory Meetings No Hidden Fees No Parties […]

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Build your leadeship business with PATD

Build your business with Prospecting, Appointing, Training and Development   Your earnings potential increases as your network grows. Your network team consists of you (the Upline), your 1st Generation Sales team (the Downline) and the two other generations that grow from your initial Downline. As your skills in PATD grow, so will your confidence in […]

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