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(Video) 7 Secrets to Balancing Marriage, Career, and Motherhood

As busy wives, it’s important that we prevent burn out and excessive fatigue.  Juggling multiple hats and responsibilities will wear you out.   In order to effectively balance marriage, career, and motherhood, there are a couple of preliminary things you need to do. Watch this training video for details. Know what season you are in. Prioritize […]


The FREE way to fund your next date night.

Hey Ultimate Wife! I have a question for you. When was the last time you and your hubby went on a romantic date night? Not with the kids. Not a quick stop at a fast food restaurant. I mean a nice romantic date night where you two gazed into each other’s eyes. If it’s been […]


(Video) 19 Easy Habits That Will Instantly Draw Your Husband Closer To You!

Having a good marriage doesn’t come by accident.  Great marriages are created with intention.  When you intentionally do things that will bless your husband and marriage, you create a healthy environment where love can continue to grow.  You want to create healthy habits that will naturally enhance your marriage and continually draw your husband closer […]


(Video) Staying after he cheated?

Marriage is a major commitment.  Studies have shown that in 40-50% of marriages, either the husband or wife has cheated.  It happens even as early as 1-2 years into the marriage.  WHAT?!?  That sure is early, but, these are facts.  Couples are experiencing the betrayal that engulfs cheating at an alarming rate.  But, many couples […]


(Video) When trusting your husband feels impossible.

Unfortunately, there may come a time in your marriage when your husband will say or do things that will remove trust from your relationship.  It doesn’t have to be something as big as an affair or a hidden love child.  Even small infractions of lies or concealing the truth will create a wedge between you […]


(Video) 4 Powerful strategies to increase communication in your marriage

4 Powerful strategies to increase communication in your marriage

One of the most important lessons every married couple must learn is how to communicate effectively.  If not, you will either have one person that doesn’t feel safe to express themselves or one person that doesn’t feel heard or understood.   Either way, a lack of healthy communication creates a toxic environment where nothing is ever […]