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What can you do when your husband no longer makes you feel happy?

I didn’t sign up for this!  This isn’t what I expected!  Who is this person that I married??  These are all questions most women have asked at some point in their marriage.  At least I have.  And, I know I’ve made my husband ask these questions 1000 times.  LOL, It’s inevitable.  The honeymoon is officially […]

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Stay in your own lane!

Hey Beautiful!  I have a simple instruction for you.  Stay calm and stop comparing yourself to others that couldn’t walk a mile in your shoes.  We are all guilty of this.  For one reason or another, we find someone that looks as though they have perfected the one thing we are struggling with.  Whether we […]

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Is the grass really greener and how social media might confuse you.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. etc., etc.!  The perfect imaginary worlds that so many people live in.  Some use social media to stay connected with family members that are far away.  Some use it to reconnect with childhood friends.  From networking to rekindling, to “hooking up”.   Lots of stuff is happening on social media. People LIVE […]

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