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Stop procrastinating or walking in fear so you can get the healing you need.

Why are you waiting to get the healing you need?  Why are you procrastinating?  There are many opportunities for you to experience a breakthrough in your life right now. Yes, healing can be a process.  But, you must actually be engaged in the process.  You should be striving towards healing. Why healing?  Because you can’t […]

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Your current season of pain does not cancel God’s promises for your life!

God's promises

Sis, I understand that you may feel like you are up against a never-ending cycle of pain.  Like you keep having the same horrible dream over and over again.  You keep trying to shake yourself away, but, you feel bound by the pain in this nightmare.    But, I need you to really believe that […]

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Embrace this powerful principle that removes anxiety.

I use to be a control freak and anxiety was my middle name.  Everything had to be done exactly how I liked it.  I despised change.  I like to follow a plan as closely as possible.  There is no grey area and absolutely no wiggle room.  I had to create a brilliant plan of execution […]

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What can you do while waiting for God to answer your prayers?

I heard you, Sis.  You are waiting and waiting and waiting for a breakthrough.  Waiting for things to change.  Praying that God will move on your behalf.   Waiting for God to answer a prayer you’ve said 1000 times can feel frustrating.   Don’t get weary in well-doing!  Don’t throw in the towel thinking that you’ve reached […]

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Why holding a grudge will not heal your marriage or your broken heart.

I know you sometimes feel holding a grudge in order to protect yourself feels easier.    But, you are only hurting yourself.   Bitterness grows where there is unresolved pain. (Ephesians 4:31-32) Bitterness affects you more than it affects the person that hurt you.   Don’t punish yourself in an attempt to punish him. (Matthew […]

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Embrace the blessing in knowing your problem is not too big for God

What are you up against?  What is standing in your way?  That situation that sometimes feels like it is resting on your back.  Weighing you down.  Blurring your vision and interrupting your peace.  What is it?   No matter how hard times get, you need to remember your problem is not too big for God.   The […]

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