Wealth Building Challenge! Week #2

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We are officially in week #2 of our Wealth Building Challenge.  Last weeks challenge in building a solid foundation for your Avon business was to find 10 money making locations where you will deliver brochures every campaign. This could be your doctor’s office, your child’s day care or schools, your office, stores, etc.  Starting with places you normally would go makes this step very easy and less intimidating.

This week we will focus on creating your “Goodie Bag”.   This is a huge money maker for me.


Goodie Bag for Avon Cash and Carry Products

I have a make up bag that has 4 see through compartments.    Each compartment can be removed from the case.  This gives the customers the opportunity to look through one bag at a time.  If you don’t have a make up rolling bag like this, you can use 4 individual CLEAR make up/clutch bags and carry them all in one big bag.  What is most important is that you have at least 4 bags that the customers can look through individually.  You will need a bag for eyes, lips, hands/feet and lotion/miscellaneous.

  1. The “Eye” bag should contain any make up or items you can use for your eyes.  Eye shadow, liner, brushes eye make up remover, etc.
  2. The “Lips” bag should contain any make up or items you use for your lips.  Lip gloss, lip stick, lip liner, lip balm etc.
  3. The “Hands/Feet” bag seems to be the most exciting bag for women.  This contains the nail polish, toe separators, nail files, etc.
  4. The “Lotion/Misc” bag contains mini lotions, mini bubble bath, etc.

You might be thinking, I can just put all of that in one bag.  Yes you can.  BUT, I will explain why you shouldn’t.  I will show you what my “delivery day” looks like.

I visit one of my usual locations and greet the receptionist.  Mary automatically lights up and starts to call the other ladies in the office letting them know that I am here.  I open my make up rolling bag and hand the “Eye” bag to Mary.  Susan walks up and I hand her the “Lips” bag that.  Kelly is anxiously waiting for her turn, so I give her the “Hands/Feet” bag.  Each lady is excited as they are looking through their bag.  You want to have separate bags so each person is shopping and not losing interest in  shopping with you because they have to wait.

Let’s face it.  Ladies LOVE to shop!  They also LOVE to shop with a friend.  I have brought the shopping experience to them.  You will begin to hear things like “This color would look good on you”, “That is so pretty, you should buy it”, “Give me that bag when you finish with it”.  They will do what we do.  Encourage each other to purchase.  My favorite phrase is “If you don’t buy it, then I will.”  My response is normally “Don’t worry, I have one for both of you”.

Avon sample bag

Avon Perfume/Sample Bag

If someone is still waiting to see a bag, I also have my “Perfume bag” with me.  This is a demo bag filled with perfume samples and full sized perfume.   I give her a sample to try and offer her the opportunity to purchase the full size perfume before anyone else.  I try to make sure I have several scents for all age ranges, including male and female scents.

Of course, you will have a couple businesses that don’t want to see your “Goodie Bag” or care about your specials.  The key is to find those businesses that enjoy the opportunity to shop with you while you continue to consistently deliver brochures to all of your locations.  Cash and Carry is an amazing opportunity for them to break up the monotony of pushing paper work at their job.   There is one location that has 8 ladies working in it.  I would deliver brochures there on a regular basis.  Only one person would buy.  When I started bringing my goodie bay, I normally would get at least 6 ladies to shop from my “Goodie Bag”.  They all now look forward to my visits and encourage me to stop by more often.

Now lets talk about how you can get the most bang for your buck!  I ONLY purchase items that are $2.50 and under from the outlet or sales brochures.  Items in my “Eye, Lip, Hand/Feet” bags are normally sold for  $3.50 each regardless of how much I paid for it.  This includes shipping and tax.   I keep my prices consistent across the board.  It makes the shopping experience smooth sailing for the customer.   There are a couple items that will be a $1.  Lip balm, eye make up remover, nail files, mini lotion, eye liners and bubble bath.

Perfume is sold for either $10 or $20.  I buy them when they are demo’s or extremely low in the brochure.  When I offer the perfume to customers, I tell them the “regular price” of the product and the price they can purchase it for today.

I visit my locations every two weeks.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are normally my days to deliver orders, brochures and visit my “money making locations” with my “Goodie & Perfume Bag”.   I have a set schedule and remain consistent.  My Thursday customers know to have their cash ready every other Thursday because I will be stopping by.   As with all things, consistency is they key to growing your business.   Stick to your schedule.

So what should you do now?

  1. Purchase a “Goodie Bag” or use 4 clear plastic make up bags.
  2. Purchase products from the Outlet and Sales flyers to sell in your “Goodie Bag”.
  3. Review your list of “Money Making Locations”.  Identify a consistent schedule you can follow.  Remember, consistency will build your business.
  4. Once your products arrive from Avon.  But your bag and products in your “goodie bag”.  Make it presentable and cute.
  5. Go forth and conquer.  Visit your “Money Making Locations”.  Introduce them to your “Goodie Bag” and offer the opportunity to shop with you.

Remember to visit your “Money making locations” every two weeks.  Whether they are purchasing products from your “Goodie Bag” or receiving a brochure, by consistent.

Over time, your business will grow and you will have more money in your pocket.  The Avon Opportunity is amazing!  You are in control of how much money you make.  Why not lay a strong foundation to earn $100,000 per year?

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