How to make more money with Avon?

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How to make more money with Avon?keep-calm-and-sell-avon-5

As an Avon Representative, you have potential to make a $300-$500 extra every month.  Here are a couple secret strategies I have used to make at least $200 every campaign in sales.

  1. Start with ordering at least 100 brochures.  The more brochures you have, the more customers you can obtain.  Ordering only 10 brochures will only allow you to gain 10 new customers.  Ordering 100 gives you the opportunity to gain at least 100 new customers.  If you want to make money from your business, you will need customers.    Most successful Avon representatives order 100 or more brochures each campaign.
  2. Choose one day a week to label all of your brochures.  Make sure you have your name, phone number and website address on the back of every brochure. 
  3. Participate in the Power of 3.  This means you give a brochure to 3 new people every day.  This is very simple and removes the stress of approaching many strangers at one time.  Where are you finding people to give these brochures to?  Everywhere you go.  At Walmart, while dropping off your children at school, at the gym, church, etc. etc.  You don’t have to step out of your regular routine.  Continue doing what you normally do.  Just make sure you do not return home at night until you have given away those 3 brochures.  Successful Avon representatives will normally increase their sales by participating in the Power of 5 or the Power of 10  Which ever you choose, just make sure you are consistent.    Place the number of books you will need to give away for the entire week in your car.  That way you will always have them with you.
  4. Always ask for contact information for people you give brochures to.   What do I normally say?  “If you like, I can text you before I place my next order so that you don’t miss out on the discounts in this brochure.”   Some people will say yes, while others will say no.  You can’t control their response.  You are simply responsible for asking.
  5. Follow up with all customers before you submit your order.  Ask them if there was anything in the brochure they would like you to order.  
  6. Collect orders from 20 customers every campaign.  The average customer order is $25.  When you have 20 people submitting an order, you will most likely have a $500 order.  
  7. I strongly encourage you to have one fundraiser per month.  This is an amazing opportunity to increase your sales while obtaining new customers.  Anyone can have an Avon fundraiser.  Day cares, clubs, churches, schools, anyone can have a fundraiser with you.  You can find information about Avon fundraisers at youravon.com under the “earning opportunities” tab.  Feel free to contact me if you need help planning your first fundraiser. 
  8. Have a list of at least 10 locations where you can deliver brochures every campaign.  These locations could be your doctors office, dentist, day care, school, etc.  Deliver brochures to employees at this location every campaign.  Be consistent.  Ask the receptionist if she would like to earn free products by collecting orders from staff for you.  This would encourage her to make sure everyone places an order.  
  9. Leave brochures at your local laundromat every weekend.  There are always people their waiting for their clothes.  Why not give everyone a brochure and leave a couple on the table for people that will stop by later.

**Note – You will need more customers that just your family and friends.  Family and friends will support you, but, you will need to begin obtaining customers outside of your immediate circle. If you are relying only on family and friends to submit orders, you are limiting yourself. 

There is no magic strategy that will bring you new customers.  The secret is simple.  DO SOMETHING!  You can not make money if you do not give brochures to customers.    Customers will not shop from you if you don’t allow them to see what you have for sale.  Order brochures, give them to customers, follow up.  Order brochures, give them to customers, follow up.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  The system works.  You just have to work it.   

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