Time to schedule your c24 Power Hour

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Time to schedule your Power Hour for campaign 24


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Then it is time to plan and implement strategies that have proven to increase earnings and advance titles.  Our Power Hour is time to focus on your goals and strategies to achieve your goal.

What will we review?

  1. Celebrate your success.
  2. Your goals from our last Power Hour.  Were you able to implement the strategies we developed for you?  What worked for you?  What didn’t? 
  3. What is your sales goal for next campaign? How do you plan to achieve this?
  4. What is your recruiting goal for next campaign? How do you plan to achieve this?


What will you need to bring?

  1. Your calendar or planner
  2. Notebook or Avon folder
  3. Pen
  4. Your “who do you know list”
  5. List of downline representatives.
  6. A mindset that is determined to take your business to the next level.  We work together to create strategies that WILL increase your business.   Implementing them WILL put more money in your pocket.

What you should not bring?

  1. Excuses!  Excuses will never put extra money in your pocket or grow your business.   Remember…. Team Prevail doesn’t make excuses, WE MAKE MONEY!!! 
  2. Reasons why you believe this won’t work.   What you believe is what you will achieve.   I build my business by striving for Success and expecting to have Success! 
  3. Thinking it will happen overnight.  I am sorry.  As much as I wish it would happen over night, it normally doesn’t.  It can happen very quickly for you.  But, our focus is to build your business strong so that your success will last.


Most importantly, Power Hours are only for those representatives that are serious about making more money.  It is up to you to implement the strategies we will review in our meeting.    The work you put into your business will be the foundation of the success you will have with your business.   Yes it takes work.   But if you build it strong, it will last 🙂

Contact me today to schedule your one on one time for training or prospecting before my calendar fills up?  We can meet in person, conference by phone or skype. 

I look forward to helping your business grow.

Arrettres Hollins



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