How to sell Avon online successfully?

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How to sell Avon online successfully?

Why not take advantage of the amazing opportunity to sell Avon online?

Here are a couple tips to grow your Avon business online:

  1. Focus on building a Customer database. Top-selling eRepresentatives make sure that they enter all of their Customers into their Web Office Address book as well as their Customers’ email addresses. They understand the value of each entry, especially when there is an email address included in it.  Add New Customers and build your Address Book today!
  2. Take advantage of our Social Media Center.  Avon provides forwardable commercials and advertisements you can share on most social media outlets.  Get in the habit of sharing on social media at least twice a day.
  3. Take the FREE Beauty of Knowledge courses related to eRepresentative opportunity.  Did you know that our top-selling eRepresentatives are TWICE as likely to have taken the 3 Beauty of Knowledge courses: Web Office Tour, Online Order Management and Growing your eBusiness?
    Go to Weboffice at youravon.com, select training and start your FREE online training today!
  4. Understand the importance of email marketing.  Email marketing is widely known as one of the most effective ways to drive online sales.  Did you know that our top-selling eRepresentatives send TWICE the number of forwardable emails to Customers in a campaign and are 50% more likely to subscribe to the Automated Email Program?
  5. Check Web Office every Campaign for eCustomer orders, program updates and to use the tools.  Take advantage of the free tools – they are designed to help you save time, save effort and earn more! Our top-selling eRepresentatives are 76% more likely to visit their Web Office at least 1x during a campaign and are more than 2x more likely to use customer invoicing tool.

Building your business by selling Avon online has never been easier.  With consistency and dedication, you can definitely grow a successful online business with Avon.

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