C23 Orders are due :)

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It’s that time again! 

C23 orders will be due soon!  Are you ready?

  Your order due date is based on your RPS.

Print your order due calendar by selecting the link next to your RPS# today!

RPS 1 is due Wednesday 10/22 before 11am MP_1_2014
RPS 2 is due Thursday 10/23 before 11am MP_2_2014
RPS 3 is due Friday 10/24 before 11am MP_3_2014
RPS 4 is due Monday 10/25 before 11am MP_4_2014
RPS 5 is due Tuesday 10/26 before 11am MP_5_2014
RPS 6 is due Wednesday 10/27 before 11am MP_6_2014
RPS 7 is due Thursday 10/28 before 11am MP_7_2014(1)
RPS 8 is due Friday 10/29 before 11am MP_8_2014
RPS 9 is due Monday 10/30 before 11am MP_9_2014
RPS 10 is due Tuesday 10/31 11am MP_10_2014
**Trendsetter Calendar MP_10_2014(1)

Why do we have and RPS or MP?  To keep all of the Representative deliveries running smoothly, Avon is on a shipping system called the Representative Processing Schedule (RPS). To find your RPS number, go to youravon.com,  My account, profile.  A chart will pop up.  Find RPS code on the chart.  The number next to the word RPS is your code.  Ex. RPS 3. 

You will be able to view your RPS calendar.  I encourage you to print your RPS calendar and refer to it for order due dates.  On this chart, it is important that you pay attention to the 4th column that says  “YourAvon.com/F.A.S.T. Talk by Noon (Ship Branch Time)”.  This column tells you what date all of your orders are due by.  Feel free to contact me or your immediate upline if you need help understanding your RPS.  All orders are due BEFORE 11am on your order due date.  I encourage you to submit your order the evening before your order due date to avoid any late fees 🙂

**Once you submit your order, you will receive an email stating your order is ready to be shipped and you can view your order online.  Immediately log into your account at youravon.com.  Go to “my account” and select the pay Avon option.  Pay your balance the same day you submit your order to avoid delay in receiving products or winning incentives.

What to do to increase your sales in C23?

1. Contact all of your new customers you have given a brochure to and all of your existing customers.   I use Sendhub to text and Phonevite to call all my customers every two weeks.  Make sure you are reaching out to all of your customers at least twice a month.  Ask them if they would like to place an order.  If they don’t need to place an order, bring them a new brochure.


2. Don’t forget to mention your “highlight” product to all customers! Highlighting a product with every customer will boost your sales at least $100. This campaign I have chosen to highlight “Flor Alegria” on page 51 of campaign 23 brochure. What do I say to customers? When they contact me with their order, I ask them to turn to page 51 and rub their wrist along the dotted circle. I ask them if they like that scent and tell them it is currently on sale for $25, but, valued at $52.00.

Then close the deal by asking if you can add that to their order.


3. Another way to boost your sales is to offer customers a free gift with every $25 order. You decide what the gift will be. I suggest a $1 eye make up remover or hand cream.

4. Order enough brochures for current customers and the next two weeks Power Of 5. I suggest 100 brochures will boost your sales.  Want More Customers? Order More Brochures! 100 brochures costs only $6.15 more than 50, but you will reach more Customers, make more sales and earn more money!

When you buy 100 Brochures (a $19.55 investment)and sell to 36 Customers at a $25 average order your total order size will be $900.
$900 total at 45% = $405 earnings – $19.55 investment.  Your actual earnings will be $385.45 YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

5.  Buy at least one Demo item per campaign.   You can find Demo items in your Whats New brochure.  I have chosen to invest in the Avon Luck Incentive Program pictured here.  Stock up, NO limit! Order in C22 and C23.  Delayed Billing in your C24 order. 

LEVEL 1 your choice-mix or match
Avon Luck
You must choose your free For Her or For Him set.
FOR HER COLLECTION: Eau de Parfum Spray, Body Lotion, Shower Gel
FOR HIM COLLECTION: Eau de Toilette Spray, Hair & Body Wash, After Shave Conditioner


YOU PAY: $90.00
YOU EARN: $90.00


Carry that Demo with you when you deliver brochures or customer orders.  Show enthusiasm by telling customers this item isn’t even in brochures yet.  Suggest they “pre-order” with you today and receive their product before everyone else. Customers will appreciate the special customer service they are receiving.

Let’s not forget about recruiting opportunities!  

Avon will pay you $33 for each person you recruit.  So, why leave money on the table? 

Attach any of these documents to your brochures.  This will introduce your customers to the Avon Opportunity and put extra money in your pocket.

Fifteen Dollar Bill Recruiting 2014

Are you interested in making


10 REASONS to sell avon


6 good reasons


Leaders – Contact your new representatives before their order due date.  Help them submit their order and answer any questions they may have.  Feel free to view Submitting your first order .

So lets make it happen team.  I look forward to recognizing all reps with total sales orders of $150 or more in my Recognition Blog.  All Representatives with PAID orders of $400 or more are entered into Team Prevails $400 Club and receive gifts at our team meeting.

Avon’s Team Prevail next meeting will be held the 1st Monday of every month at 6pm.  We will meet at the South Branch Denton Library located at 3228 Teasley Lane, Denton TX  76210. 

Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything!

Arrettres Hollins


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