(Video) How to recover from prior infidelity and forgiveness?

During this week's complimentary session of "Ask Me Anything", I answered the following infidelity and marriage-related questions: How to recover from prior infidelity and forgiveness? How do I know if I should stay with my husband after he cheated? How to stop replaying the affair over and over in your head? Can God restore your marriage after an affair? Check out this video below. If you would like to join our private Facebook group so you can get your marriage-related questions answered...Click the image below. Are you ready to find the secret to accelerating your inner healing from infidelity? Then ...
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(Video) 4 Vital Steps To Forgive Without Feeling Taken Advantage Of.

Experts say the path to wellness begins with forgive and forget. However, you may very well wonder, "How do you go about truly forgiving someone when they've grievously hurt you?" Plus, I completely hate the phrase forgive and forget.  Because boundaries may be needed in the relationship now.  In order to align with the boundaries, you have to remember why they have been placed.   So I believe the phrase should be "Forgive and Heal". If you're willing and able to work on your emotional focus and release any desire for revenge, you have an honest chance of attaining your objective ...
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(Video) The secret to Mastering Anger Management in Marriage

In order to master anger management, you need to gain control over your emotions. You'll need to get into a mindset that allows you to think before you act or speak. If you don't learn to control your anger, you may destroy the relationships around you and cause physical and emotional harm to everyone, including yourself. About Anger Anger serves an important purpose. Anger is an emotion that tells us that something is wrong. It may even help us to get out of dangerous situations, but sometimes the threats are just perceived and anger is not an appropriate emotion. Anger ...
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(Video) The hardest part of the healing journey that no one tells you about?

Do not let people fool you.  The healing process is not fun.  It isn't easy.  Sometimes it will feel impossible.  But, it is SO necessary.  The level of love and happiness you experience in all relationships is contingent on how well you dive into the healing process.  Many don't share the lows of this process.  I feel it's only fair to let you in on what you might encounter during your journey.  So I've opened the doors to some of my most painful experiences and share with you the hardest part of my healing journey? Click on the image below to ...
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(Video) 4 Key Factors That Are Probably Missing From Your Healing Journey and Hindering Your Progress.

Time does not heal all wounds.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions I've ever heard.  When left untreated, time can cause a horrible infection with consequences far worse than the initial pain.  The same concept is for inner healing.  When your heart has been broken bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, resentment, and fear will develop if left untreated.  If you've experienced heartache and struggling with recovering, there are 4 key factors that are probably missing from your healing journey and hindering your progress. Click on the image below to check out the full video. 1. You need someone that's been where ...
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(Video) What’s really keeping you from enjoying your marriage and how to fix it within the next 24 hours.

In reality, marriage can be one of the most difficult relationships to navigate through.    Problems and conflicts are normal things to encounter in marriage.   Choosing to stay married is not enough.  You deserve to live your Happily Ever After!   Yes, it's even still possible after the heartache of infidelity.  It takes intentional work.  Enjoying your marriage is the ultimate goal for most couples.    But some couples are not able to get to a place of love in their marriage again.  So I wanted to share highlight what's really keeping you from enjoying your marriage and how to fix it ...
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(Video) What I learned when I really decided to trust God with my marriage.

Let me be honest right from the beginning.  I have issues with control.  Well, let my husband tell it..."I am a control freak".  I like to create plans, have a defined structure, and get results.  To me, this isn't a bad thing.  It is the foundation of having a successful life.  Right?  Well, sometimes being a control freak can actually be evidence that you are not fully trusting God.  This was definitely evident in my marriage.  So after many years of trying to do things my way, I fully surrendered to God's way.  I want to share with you what ...
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(Video) The truth about guilt-free self-care for busy wives.

Self-care is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.  Guilt-free self-care also reminds both you and others that your needs are valid and a priority. Click on the image below to check out easy self-care tips. 1. You need to know and embrace the fact that you DESERVE time for yourself. You can't save the world when you are running on fumes.  While you might think it’s selfish to take out time for yourself, this is essential for looking after your mental health and wellbeing. If you become burned out from burning the candle from both ends you won’t ...
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(Video) How to work through mental triggers and anger while restoring your marriage.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting angry at the fact that your husband violated your trust.   You both made vows and trusted your commitment to the relationship.  It's how you handle the anger that really matters.   During our Marriage Mondays session, we discussed "How to work through mental triggers and anger while restoring your marriage". Click on the image below to check it out. 1. Know that you are allowed to be angry. Don't beat up on yourself because you get angry when you think about what your husband has done.  It's ok.  You are human.  But, don't sin ...
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