How Stylists and Make Up Artists can make extra money Upselling

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How Stylists and Make Up Artists can make extra money Up Selling.

Working in the beauty industry, you have the opportunity for unlimited wealth.  As a Stylist and Make Up Artist you already have the mindset of an entrepreneur.  Every entrepreneur knows multiple streams of income is the main route to great wealth.  Entrepreneurs no longer put all of their eggs in one bag.  We have multiple bags of business ventures that create dynamic wealth for us! As a Stylist or Make Up Artist you understand the hustle and bustle of business.  You know where the money is in your field.  You already provide many beauty enhancing services that will put money in your pocket. 

Why not capitalize on this opportunity by upselling? What is up selling? Up selling is a sales strategy many Stylists and Make up Artist use to provide opportunities to purchase products or services related to your field of expertise.  You normally see this done in high end salons where they sell products like shampoo, conditioner or hair treatments.  As you work in the beauty industry Stylists and Make Up Artists can add $50 to $100 to their earnings by adding “upselling” to the services they are providing. Don’t leave money on the table!  Stop limiting yourself!   Whether you are working in a salon or your home,  you can up sell.  Branch out and embrace multiple streams of income by Upselling.  You don’t need special licensing or certification. 

Avon has an amazing opportunity for Stylist and Make Up Artists to capitalize on Upselling.  Avon isn’t your grandmothers lipstick company any more.  Avon has a presence in more than 100 countries and enjoys 90% brand recognition in most major markets.  You would have the chance to sell award-winning products from Avon’s world-class R&D team. You’d have the opportunity to offer customers a broad range of products that appeal to a diverse consumer base. We carry everything from make up, jewelry, perfume, clothing, shoes, toys, etc., etc., the list goes on and on.  With Avon, you are able to reach the varied shopping needs of your clients.   Select this image to view our wide range of products.  There are two ways you can run your Upselling business as a Stylist or Makeup Artist. 

  1. You already have clients coming to you for a service.  When they sit in your chair, place a brochure with an order form in their hands.  Allow them to shop through the brochure.  By the time you are finished providing your beauty service, MOST clients will have an order of $50 or more ready for you.
  2. As a Stylist or Make Up Artist, you want to help your customers recreate the look you have given them once they are home.   Why not allow your customers to buy the Avon products you have used to recreate their look.   Purchase the products whole sale and have it ready for your clients to purchase immediately.
  3. Create your own beauty supply store where you are!  If you are working in a beauty shop, why not display products that your customers would enjoy.  Your inventory can be based on the size of your clientele.  Even if you are not in a beauty shop, you can still display products where you provide your services.   Always offer your customers the opportunity to buy from you. 

What are the other benefits of selling Avon products? 

  1. The online application and fee is only $15.  Yes, it is only $15 to join Avon.  Select this image to start the application process and begin selling Avon now!sell avon  Or go to www.iNeedExtraMoneyNow.com today
  2. You get a FREE website.  Your customers can order directly from your website and have products shipped straight to your home.
  3. Promote your business on social media.  This gives you the opportunity to grow your business Nationally!
  4. Free online training and business building assistance.  I see it as my job to show you how to build wealth with Avon.
  5. Purchase products at whole sale prices.  This is a 20% to 50% discount on brochure and online prices.
  6. No monthly or annual fees.
  7. No minimum purchases required.
  8. No contracts and you are not bound to a long term commitment.
  9. You do not have to carry an inventory. 
sell avon

Select this image to begin selling Avon today!

Why wait any longer?  You can begin Upselling today! Go to www.iNeedExtraMoneyNow.com today.   Your business will be up and running withing 24 hours.  You can also start “Upselling” today by selecting this image.

Remember, continue to pursue your dreams and you will definitely win! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Arrettres Hollins

National Training Leader with Avon

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