Why expecting your husband to heal your emotional wounds will never work.

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Expecting your husband to heal your emotional wounds will never work.  When your heart is aching, go to God first.  Yes, your husband is supposed to love you the way Christ loves the church.  But he isn’t your God.

There are certain areas of your life that only God can heal.  Putting the pressure on your husband to help you heal from wounds that were created before and during your marriage is unrealistic.  Even if your husband has done things that emotionally hurt you.

Yes, your husband must participate in the reconciliation of your marriage.  You need to create safe boundaries that protect your marriage.  It would definitely bless you both if you learn healthy ways to resolve conflict.  But do not place the entire weight of YOUR healing in his hands.  

heal your emotional wounds

Shift your focus from your husband and focus on allowing God to be God in your life.  Bring those emotions to him so that he can heal those broken areas and restore you.

Your husband can’t restore you.  Expecting him to heal all your emotional wounds will only lead to more frustration and heartache.  He is only human.

Take the pressure off your husband and apply all pressure to God.  Give every issue you are having to him.  Even if your issue right now is your husband.  Go to God regarding your marital concerns first.  

Ask him for wisdom and guidance regarding how he wants you to function during this season and how you can continue to honor him through your lifestyle.

Don’t just go to God when things are wrong or in times of an emergency.

Cultivate a relationship with God that is consistent.  Not just when you want something from him.

How would your marriage look if your husband only communicated with you when he wanted to have sex?  That’s not a real relationship.  There would definite flaws and break downs in communication.  You wouldn’t feel loved or appreciated.

As a wife, you know that ongoing communication is one of the best ingredients in a successful marriage.  The same applies to your relationship with Christ.  Build ongoing communication with God.  Dive into his word on a regular basis.  Not just when your husband gets on your nerves and you need God to “fix” him.

It will remove the uncertainty you have about issues that arise in your marriage.  You may be blessed with clear direction regarding how you can participate in the transformation and growth of yourself and your marriage.

God has the answers to every concern you have.  Trust the process and connect with him first.

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Stay Blessed Sis!

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