When you are standing at a crossroads in your marriage choose the path that leads to love.

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Stuff will come up in your marriage that will make you feel like you are standing at a crossroads.  You must be a wise wife and choose the path that leads to love and the results you really want to achieve.

On your left side, you can follow resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, and consistent pain. 

When you go left, you choose to build walls around your heart to protect you from getting hurt again.  Make it impossible for your husband to make amends and restore your relationship.  Where every attempt he makes at being a better husband is greeted with a reminder that you will never forgive him.

On your right side, you can follow forgiveness, healing, restoration, and love. 

When you go right, you are able to tear down walls so that you can fully embrace love from your husband.  Give your husband room to grow and heal.  When you do this, he can continue becoming the man God created him to be.    Even enjoy the freedom of constant peace, clarity, and joy in your daily life.

You will be given an opportunity to choose which path you are going to take every single day.  Will you go left or will you go right?  Stuff will always come up, stuff will go wrong and people will disappoint you.   Your flesh will tell you that you are justified and deserve to go left.  Punish them.  Make them hurt and pay for what they have done to you.

As an influential wife, you must choose the path that honors God and produces restoration.  God wants you to be a peacemaker.  (James 3:17)

No, I’m not telling you to be a doormat and allow your husband to mistreat or abuse you.  You must be intentional about resolving conflict in a way that honors God and builds your marriage.  Be strong and willing to have tough conversations that focus on healthy compromise, safe boundaries, and reconciliation.  Not pointing the finger at each other, playing the victim, or shooting blame.

Choose the path that leads to love.   You and your marriage are definitely worth it.

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Stay Blessed Sis!

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