(Video) What’s really keeping you from enjoying your marriage and how to fix it within the next 24 hours.

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In reality, marriage can be one of the most difficult relationships to navigate through.    Problems and conflicts are normal things to encounter in marriage.   Choosing to stay married is not enough.  You deserve to live your Happily Ever After!   Yes, it’s even still possible after the heartache of infidelity.  It takes intentional work.  Enjoying your marriage is the ultimate goal for most couples.    But some couples are not able to get to a place of love in their marriage again.  So I wanted to share and highlight what’s really keeping you from enjoying your marriage and how to fix it within the next 24 hours.

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1. Stop waiting for your husband to turn into the perfect husband.

Are you waiting for your husband to evolve into everything you want him to be? You need to love him exactly where he is right now and encourage him as he continues to grow. 

Here is the challenge in marriage.  You will grow.  You will either grow together or you will grow apart.  It takes intentionality and proper communication to make sure you grow TOGETHER.

So yes you have evolved and your needs have changed.  You may feel like your husband is not giving you what you need.  SPEAK UP!  

But, in order for you to do that, you must first know what you need so that you can clearly tell him.  Expecting him to figure it out will only frustrate you!

2. Stop withholding forgiveness!

Are you choosing to withhold forgiveness? There is absolutely no way for you to enjoy an environment where you are harboring resentment and bitterness. Many people are reluctant to show mercy because they don’t understand the difference between trust and forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past. Trust has to do with future behavior.

When you withhold forgiveness, you are nurturing bitterness, resentment, and strife.  This is not your goal.  Love will never grow from unforgiveness.  Romance will never grow from unforgiveness.

Your Happily Ever After is rooted in forgiving your hubby for what he has done, healing from what was done, and communicating your wants and desires effectively.

3. Give yourself permission to enjoy your marriage.

Have you given yourself permission to enjoy your marriage? It’s 100% a choice!   We make it harder than it needs to be when we create walls and hurdles that your husband has to get over before you grant him permission to access you.  This is emotionally and physically.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to punish our spouse that we are also punishing ourselves. Stop that! You two are grown adults who communicate very effectively. Let go of this need to punish your spouse and give yourself permission to experience marriage the way you desire

4. Freely become the wife that enjoys her marriage.

Choose to show the love you want to experience. PERIOD. What do you want to experience? Make that happen NOW!!!

If you want more affection, BE MORE AFFECTIONATE. If you want romance, create an atmosphere where romance flows freely in your home.

Embody the wife you want to be.  Don’t wait for a magical moment where things seem perfect.  Starting now will catapult your relationship onto the path that leads to you experiencing the love you desire in your marriage.

Stay Blessed Sis!

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