What can you do while waiting for God to answer your prayers?

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I heard you, Sis.  You are waiting and waiting and waiting for a breakthrough.  Waiting for things to change.  Praying that God will move on your behalf.   Waiting for God to answer a prayer you’ve said 1000 times can feel frustrating.  

Don’t get weary in well-doing!  Don’t throw in the towel thinking that you’ve reached the end of the road.  God is not done with your story.  He is not done with you.  And, he definitely isn’t done with your marriage.

What can you do while waiting for God to answer your prayers?

Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground. (Exodus 14:16). When the children of Israel were running from Pharoah, they arrived at the Red Sea. They had nowhere else to go and were at the end of their rope.  


They were scared, they were hurting and needed God to do something…anything.   God told Moses to stretch forth his staff and stretch his hand over the sea.   He gave Moses the power to do something that would forever shift the lives of everyone connected to him. 

Yes, God could have just parted the sea on his own without Moses doing anything.   But, I believe there are a couple of things God wants you to see in this demonstration.

#1 – Faith without works is dead.

God wants you to display your faith by following the instructions God has already given you. Even if it looks like there is no hope, he wants you to obey his instructions without wavering. Focus on his promise and not the issues standing before you.

#2 – God has given you the power to change your atmosphere.

Yes God can transform your situation.   But, he has given you the power of prayer and declaring his word.   Use it.   Stop playing the victim.   Stand up, Sis.  What happened “to” you does not “define” you.  No, I’m not disregarding the trials you have experienced. But, are you going to stay on the floor and allow it to continue to hover over you?   God forbid.  Get up and fight against the enemy that is attacking your marriage.

#3 – Stop looking back. Moses saw the chariots coming.  

He didn’t stop and focus on what was going wrong and all the negative possibilities.   If he became paralyzed with fear, the children of Israel may never have made it into the promised land.   Moses chose to turn his back on what could go wrong and focused solely on God and everything that was about to go right.   It was a choice.  Every day you get to choose exactly what you are going to focus on.   I encourage you to stop focusing on what is going wrong. Focus on God’s promises and what he wants to do in your life.

When you are struggling in your marriage, take some time to settle yourself so that you can hear God clearly.  Don’t jump and do anything without Gods leading.  

Most Importantly, stop thinking that the grass is greener.  Now is not the time to get distracted by outsiders.  Focus!

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Stay blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

Founder of Balanced Wife Life Academy

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