The shocking truth about being a wise wife that builds her marriage

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A wise wife builds up her home and everyone in it.   A wise wife doesn’t keep a list of wrongs.   She prays for her husband.   A wise wife gives her husband to God.   She trusts that God will do what she is unable to do.

Only God can repair the broken pieces of your husband’s heart.   Only God knows the heartache and neglect your husband has endured. God knows the path he has for your husband.   God is also the only God that can restore your husband.

You are not fighting against your husband.   You are fighting against sin that has found a way into your husband and your marriage. (James 5:18-20)

If you are not careful, the sin of pride will have you looking down on your husband.   Judging him and his mistakes.   Insulting and disrespecting him because he is a fallen man. (Galatians 6:1)

a wise wife

You also have sin that affects your marriage.

If you have said any of the following:

“Well, it works both ways.”

“I’m not doing XYZ because He doesn’t do XYZ for me.”

“He doesn’t reciprocate all the good I have done.”

“If he would do better, then I could do better”

“It takes two….”

You are a prideful wife and have placed yourself above your husband.

I’m not saying you should just accept unGodly behavior from your husband.   Yes, there is a standard in marriage and God wants you to be loved the way Christ loves the church.

But, your focus is to be a wife that honors God through her marriage and lifestyle. (1 Thessalonians 4:1)

I encourage you to:
1. Pray that God will open up your husband’s eyes so that he will see his sin.
2. Pray that God will renew your husband’s mind so that he will embrace and walk in truth.
3. Pray that God will align your husband’s desire with his purpose.
4. Speak life into your husband. Yes, this is hard when he isn’t 100% aligned with your expectations. But, you get more bees with honey than sour milk. Speak it until you see it.

Trust God and his process of restoration.

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