(Video) The hardest part of the healing journey that no one tells you about?

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Do not let people fool you.  The healing process is not fun.  It isn’t easy.  Sometimes it will feel impossible.  But, it is SO necessary.  The level of love and happiness you experience in all relationships is contingent on how well you dive into the healing process.  Many don’t share the lows of this process.  I feel it’s only fair to let you in on what you might encounter during your journey.  So I’ve opened the doors to some of my most painful experiences and share with you the hardest part of my healing journey?

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1. Eliminating the ongoing negative self-talk that I heard from others and now fed myself.

2. Accepting and embracing that I was an amazing woman that deserved to be loved and cherished.

3. Allowing myself to let go of the grudge.

4. Actively pursuing my God-ordained happily ever after.

trusting god with your marriage

Don’t allow another day to go by without you intentionally seeking your inner healing.  Settling for your current situation is not God’s best for you.  There is joy, love, peace, and clarity on the other side of this.   Get the help you need today!

Stay Blessed Sis!

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