Stop procrastinating or walking in fear so you can get the healing you need.

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Why are you waiting to get the healing you need?  Why are you procrastinating?  There are many opportunities for you to experience a breakthrough in your life right now.

Yes, healing can be a process.  But, you must actually be engaged in the process.  You should be striving towards healing.

Why healing?  Because you can’t make wise decisions about your marriage and life when your vision is clouded by heartache.   Heartache will have you make decisions from a place of pain.  This isn’t wise.

Especially when you feel you are standing at a crossroads.  Fear and heartache will have you take the road that looks like you can control the outcome and all variables involved.

But, that road isn’t the road of healing.  That is the road that leads to anxiety and stress.

In order for you to embrace healing, you must trust God.  You must trust his plan for you and his ability to be your God at all times.

Regardless of what you are up against, make sure you are rooted and your answer remains “Lord I Trust You!”

There is absolutely nothing under the sun that is greater than the power of our God.  He remains in control at all times.  He is aware of every situation before it enters your life.

Trust God!  

Sometimes you may cry and experience disappointment.   Your plans might not work out the way you intended.   

Don’t be distracted by the wind or the storms.  Focus on God.  Get clear and focus on him.

Through it, all, continue to say “Lord I Trust You!  

Especially if you are trusting God for emotional and mental healing from things you have experienced.   God doesn’t want you to carry the weight or burden of your own or someone else mistakes.   Its time for you to release the weight so that you can experience clarity and peace.  

get the healing you need

Take advantage of the resources that can minister to you:  

  • Read books regarding what you are struggling with.
  • Surround yourself with people that will pray and support you during this season.
  • Cultivate your habit of prayer and communication with God.
  • Stay in the word of God so that you can learn the character of God and what he says about you.
  • Talk to a professional that will give you faith-based strategies to help you get the breakthrough you need.

Healing is available for you Sis.

P.S.  Many wives hesitate in getting coaching because their husband isn’t ready to attend.   Don’t let this keep you from getting the breakthrough YOU need.   Invest in coaching for yourself.    I believe wives need support and strategies to start their healing process and get the clarity they need regarding decisions they need to make about their relationship. 

Don’t wait for your husband to finally attend.    Don’t allow his hesitance to keep you bound in your mental and emotional pain.   Get the clarity you need now by investing in coaching for yourself today! 

Click here to get started → http://bit.ly/2I81czD

Stay blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

Founder of Balanced Wife Life Academy


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