Never allow anger to fuel your reaction to your husband.

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​Anger can’t always be your go-to emotion.  This can’t be your first reaction every time something bothers you in your marriage?  You’ve got to get a grip on this emotion and how you show it.   Never allow your anger to fuel your reaction to your husband.

This isn’t healthy for yourself or your marriage.  This creates a stressful environment that could place a wedge between you and your hubby.  

Instead of reacting, STOP & PRAY.  Ask God for his guidance and wisdom regarding what he wants you to DO regarding this situation.   

There will be times when God will ask you to speak up.

But, there are also times when God will ask you to be quiet.  Sit still and allow God to do what needs to be done.  Trust him.    

You have to be intentional about being in your right position so that you can make the best impact in your marriage without operating out of your emotions.

Never allow your anger to fuel your reaction to your husband

Sometimes God will even want you to get over yourself.  Yes.  There are times when you are upset about absolutely nothing.

Ask yourself…..

Is the fight really worth the fight?

You’ve got to choose your battles wisely. Sometimes you just have to let things go. If it is not a life-changing, marriage shattering issue, leave…it…alone. Stop before you open your mouth and ask yourself if your reaction is really worth it.

I use to fuss ALL the time because John would never put his dirty dishes INTO the sink. He placed them on the counter right next to the sink. This drove me crazy and I made sure he knew it every single time I saw a dish ON the counter.

It wasn’t until one day I was talking to a couple of women and one of them said her husband always leaves his dishes on the couch in the living room. Then another one chimed in saying her husband is rarely home for dinner.   WOW!   Well, that kind of put it all into perspective.

Regardless of what you are upset about.  You want to make sure your reaction honors God.

Next time you are frustrated ask God is this your time to speak up or your time to sit back and watch God take care of what concerns you.

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Be blessed Sis!
Arrettres Hollins

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