(Video) My personal struggle with Anger in my marriage!

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The enemy wants you to feel like you are the only person struggling with anger.  especially as a believer.  But, you are not.  Especially if you have experienced any form of marital trauma.  During this post, I decided to share a glimpse into my personal struggle with anger in my marriage and the practical steps I use to start the healing process.

Watch this video for details.

How was I able to remove the walls that kept me on an emotional roller coaster of anger so that I could start the healing process?

Accepting that it’s an ongoing journey.

It is a constant daily process of crucifying my flesh and surrendering to God. There isn’t a quick fix for this.


Being honest with myself about what I am feeling and releasing that to God.

Holding on to the anger only hurt me and kept me from experiencing God’s constant peace.

Know who my real enemy is.

My enemy is NOT my husband.  The devil wants to steal, kill destroy all hope you have in God.  You have to be extremely aware of his tactics to remove me from a place of constant peace.

I had to beef up my prayer life.

Refuse to pray vain prayers asking God to “Fix” your husband. Praying for God’s will to be done in your life and everyone connected to you is more powerful.  It will also get you the results you truly desire.

Quickly releasing forgiveness and praying for those that hurt me.

Whew, this was and still is hard sometimes. But, God commands us to do this immediately!  Holding on to resentment and anger in marriage is never acceptable.

Accepting that vengeance is not mine.

Yes, this chocolate girl from the Bronx had to accept that making sure my husband felt the same level of pain I felt was wrong. Payback is not a part of God’s plan for our lives.

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Stay Blessed Sis!

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