How to trust God even when your life feels like it is falling apart.

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Sometimes your life can feel like it is falling apart.  But, don’t be distracted.   Your faith starts to waver when you have spent too much time focusing on your issues instead of focusing on your creator.  Yes, you can trust God even when life feels like it is falling apart.  Realistically, if you are focused on God, he will change your perspective and view of what you are experiencing.  Don’t allow your emotions to throw you off.  Feelings can be misleading.  Get clarity and a clear vision of what God is trying to do in you and through you. 

trust god

Stop focusing on the issue and look for God.  So trust him and continually seek his kingdom.

Now, this doesn’t mean that God is lost and you have to find him.  This means that you have to intentionally look for God’s presence in every area of your life.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Even when you don’t feel he is there, HE IS!  But, you have to look for him.  The distractions of life can easily keep us from seeing the blessings God has provided in the midst of the storm.  Turn your attention from the problem and focus on the solution.  You have to fight against the distractions by diligently looking for him.  

We overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by word of our testimony.(Revelation 12:11)   God’s word is an ongoing testimony of his love and faithfulness.  Search his scriptures as a friendly reminder of what he has already done.  God doesn’t have favorites.   What he has done for one of his children, he can definitely do for all of his children.  

God promised that every situation he allowed in your life will be used for you good!  Pray and trust that God hears and will answer your prayers

One of the issues that we run into is that we have not set our minds on Christ.  Does this mean that we will never experience heartache or challenges?  No.  But, it does mean that we can experience challenges with the confidence or assurance that God has already worked out the situation for our good.  

This is God’s guarantee!  He declares it in his word.  (Romans 8:28)  How you choose to experience challenges is completely up to you.  Rest knowing that God has already worked it out. 

Every single day you need to spend time in prayer.  Prayer is a conversation with your heavenly father.   You don’t have to speak in Hebrew or exegete the scriptures.   Just talk to him like you normally speak to others.  Tell God about everything that is going on in your life.  Talk and then listen.  Allow God to give you clear instructions regarding how to handle each situation.  He will always guide you down the path that best aligns with his purpose for your life.  Just trust him.

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Stay Blessed Sis!

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