Have you prayed that God would “fix” your husband?

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Imagine what would happen if you stopped praying that God would “fix” your husband.

What if you made a conscious decision to stop pointing out all your husband’s flaws?   What if you chose to stop treating him like a disappointment because he fell short of your expectations?

No, I’m not saying to lower the bar.   Yes, you deserve to be treated like the daughter of a king.   Because that is exactly what you are!

But what if you instead you prayed that your husband ….

  • Knows his purpose and walks in it.
  • Continued to seek God for wisdom and understanding.
  • Followed Gods’ instructions and obeyed his calling.
  • Healed from his fears and insecurities.
  • Knew his worth and the great impact he will make for God’s kingdom.

What if you lifted him?

Chose to love him through his growth?

What if he knew YOU had his back?

Imagine how THIS would transform your marriage.

fix your husband

I used to be the wife that would fuss and cut up when I felt my husband wasn’t living up to my “standards”. Yes, the fussing would get him to do what I wanted him to do for a moment, but, it definitely didn’t create lasting change. Actually, it created a wedge between my hubby and I.

When trying to create lasting change in your marriage, you need to embrace Matthew 17:21 & Ephesians 6:12.

You keep trying to “fix” your husband.  But, this is the thing.  You are not fighting against your husband. God has already informed you that there are principalities and spiritual forces that want to destroy your marriage. Point, blank, period! The enemy will do everything he can to try to get you and your hubby to separate. He is on his job, that’s why you need to be on your job. Lol

There are issues within your marriage, yourself, and husband that are spiritual. A wise wife will use the tools God has given her to overcome these issues. Prayer and fasting. Stop fighting your husband and start fighting the enemy in a way that will actually get you the breakthrough you have been crying for.

Trust God. Trust his process. And, lean into the tools he has given you to solidify your victory.

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Be blessed Sis!
Arrettres Hollins

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