Are you properly using your power to speak life into your marriage?

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I want you to take an honest look at the last 3 conversations you had about your marriage.   Were your words able to speak life into your marriage?  Or were your words speaking destruction, bitterness, and separation?

There is a couple of concepts you must embrace that will honor God and bless your life.

God has given YOU the power to speak Life and Death.  

Which means whatever you speak, will continue to grow.  If all you speak are words that will tear down a person, how exactly can you or who you are speaking about grow and produce good fruit?  Watch your mouth and the words that come out of it.  If your words are not aligned with what you actually want to see manifest in your marriage, then you need to check your heart.  Your mouth speaks what is in your heart.  (Matthew 12:34, Luke 6:45)  If you have a habit of speaking words that are not producing good fruit, it is time for you to have a 1 on 1 with God about what is going on in your heart.  Being honest with God about your broken heart would be my first suggestion.  With proper healing, you will be able to speak life into your marriage so that you two can thrive together.

speak life into your marriage

Align yourself, your thoughts, your conversations, and your actions with God’s word. 

Whatever you are entangled in must be aligned with God’s truth for your life.  Wrap your mind up in what God’s instructions and then be obedient.   Philippians 4:8 gives us clear instructions on what we should be focused on.  When you focus on these things verse 7 says, the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Stop focusing on your situation.  The issues of this world will NEVER bring your peace.  Be intentional.  Guard your mind and your heart.  If you are struggling with too many random thoughts stealing your peace, that is a sign that you have shifted your focus off of God and placed it onto this world.  But, it isn’t too late.  Reposition your gaze and accept the peace that God has already given you.


God’s timing is perfect. 

Stop trying to rush God.  You are not the boss of him.  He knows what he is doing and will never give you something before you are ready for it.  We always want to rush the breakthrough or the promise that we believe must manifest right now.  Are you really ready for it though?  Many wives are praying that God will “fix” their husbands and make them the righteous man of God they can follow.  But, are you the righteous women of God that can be led?  Are you already functioning as a virtuous wife?  Not perfection.  But, striving for God to be glorified through your life?  During your time of waiting, focus on becoming the wife that follows and obeys Gods leading.  If you can’t follow God and his instructions for your life, I don’t care how anointed your husband is, you won’t be able to follow your husband either.

Be intentional about using your mouth to speak life, focus on God, and trust his timing.

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Stay blessed Sis!

Arrettres Hollins

Founder of Balanced Wife Life Academy

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