8 Secrets to achieve any goal!

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8 Secrets to achieve any goal!transforming lives

Are you struggling with achieving goals you have set?  Have you set the same goal, numerous time, and haven’t achieved it yet?  Ready to give up?  Don’t give up yet!   You are not alone.  Many people struggle with achieving goals.  Why?  You are probably missing a couple very important steps that will break the cycle of failure in your life and propel you into success.

Here are my 8 secrets to achieve any goal!

1. Make sure the goal you set is attainable and realistic.  We can avoid the self sabotage of failure if we are realistic.  Setting a goal to lose 50 pounds before your family reunion that is 1 month away??  This is not a realistic goal.  You are setting yourself up for failure and major disappointment.  Be realistic, yet push yourself with a goal this is a challenge.

2. Your goal must be attached to something you value.  Why do you want to achieve this goal?  Your why must tug at your heart.  There has to be an emotional attachment to why you MUST achieve this goal.  This emotional attachment will motivate you to continue pursing your goal when you want to quit.  Times will get rough.  You are trying to accomplish something you’ve never done before.  There will be obstacles.  You need something that will keep you pushing forward.  Your “why” could be for financial freedom, for your children, or, in the face of haters that said you can’t do it.  Either way,  your emotional “why” should encourage you to keep going.

3. Make your goal and your why EXTREMELY visible.  Post it where it is constantly in your face.  Out of site, out of mind!  We don’t want this.  Keep your goal in your face constantly!  You need an ongoing reminder.  Post your goal and your way on your refrigerator, bathroom wall, on your office wall.  Keep it in plain site so that you are always reminded of what you are trying to do and why you must do it.

4. Identify 3 strategies that will help you achieve your goal.  What will you do to accomplish this goal?  Don’t know what to do?  Find someone that has already accomplished your goal and duplicate.  All successful people have a proven system that works.  Duplicate their system.  Do what they have done and tweek it to fit you.  

5.  Be consistent and write the vision.  Make sure you are consistent in the implementation of your strategies.  Literally add it to your schedule.  Whether it is once a week or daily, make sure this strategy has a scheduled time of implementation.  Blogging, giving out business cards, advertising online.  Be consistent and have a schedule.

6.  Your goal must have an expiration date.  An expiration date is the day you determine you will accomplish your goal by.   You don’t want an endless goal.  Setting an expiration date will add just enough pressure to push you.   It will give you a target to focus on.  Write on a piece of paper and post with your goal “Why will achieve this goal by…….”

7.  Schedule 3 check in dates before your expiration date.  Divide the time from when you set your goal to the expiration date by 4.  This should give you 3 equal increments of time where you can stop, review the process.  You will check for success and celebrate like it is 1999.  (Yes I have dated myself, lol)  You will also check for non effective strategies.  This gives you the opportunity to tweek the strategies.  Modify what isn’t producing results.   

8.  Reward yourself.  Your goal should always have a valuable reward.  When you accomplish your goal…….CELEBRATE!  Whether it is a new blouse, shoes or a cruise.  You need an AMAZING prize to dangle in your face as a reward.  If you work hard and achieve your goal, you deserve an amazing goal.

I hope this helps you while striving for success.  Be sure to share this post with friends that may benefit.

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