(Video) 4 Key Factors That Are Probably Missing From Your Healing Journey and Hindering Your Progress.

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Time does not heal all wounds.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions I’ve ever heard.  When left untreated, time can cause a horrible infection with consequences far worse than the initial pain.  The same concept is for inner healing.  When your heart has been broken bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, resentment, and fear will develop if left untreated.  If you’ve experienced heartache and struggling with recovering, there are 4 key factors that are probably missing from your healing journey and hindering your progress.

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1. You need someone that’s been where you are and is on the other side of the pain.

There is a difference between “head knowledge” and “heart knowledge”.  Hearing about someone’s struggle with infidelity is one thing.  But, when they’ve been in the fire, felt the pain, and made it to the other side of it….they have an entirely deeper connection with your pain. 

They understand the healing journey because they’ve lived it.  They can relate to you from heart knowledge as well as head knowledge.  You need both.

2. You need a positive community to support you.

The enemy wants you to feel isolated.  Like you are the only woman that has ever experienced your pain.  This is a complete lie.  Isolation is a tool the enemy uses to torment you and push you further into darkness.

Resist the desire of staying there.  You need to find a community of women that will support you as you push through your healing journey.  Women that will pray for you, encourage you, and lift you up.  They will allow you to cry when you are down and help you find opportunities for joy and laughter.

You were created for community.  If you don’t already have a positive community, ask God to remove everyone from your life that is harming your healing journey and to send you positive women that will help you experience peace and clarity during this season.

trusting god with your marriage

3. You’ve got to stop trying to figure this out on your own.

I know you are a very intelligent woman.  You are ambitious, educated, and an amazing problem solver.   But, Honey, if you could have figured it out on your own already, you would have.  Sometimes it’s not for you to figure out on your own.   You need the shortcut that will save you precious time, energy, and money.  You need the fastest route to your desired result.  Get with a trained professional that can help you accelerate the inner healing journey.

4. You need proven strategies based on your specific personality and situation.

I hated that most people were just telling me to become docile when I was going through my healing process.  THAT IS NOT MY PERSONALITY!!!!  I am a chocolate girl from the Bronx. (Boogie Down for life!!  lol). So trying to turn me into a passive person was painful. 

Plus, I was also tired of “well-intended” people telling me to just pray about it.  Yes, I can pray all day every day.  But, once I get up off my knees, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???  No one was giving me the strategies I needed to resolve conflict faster, address my fears when I am triggered.  And most importantly, how to get off the emotional rollercoaster while dealing with the painful memories of what was done.

Faith without works is dead.  God wants you to experience his complete inner healing.  It is ready for you.  You just need someone that will help you align with what you are desiring and show you how to address your real-life concerns.

Don’t allow another day to go by without you intentionally seeking your inner healing.  Settling for your current situation is not God’s best for you.  There is joy, love, peace, and clarity on the other side of this.   Get the help you need today!

Stay Blessed Sis!

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