3 Mistakes You Never Want To Make In Your Marriage.

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Marriage can be an amazing experience.  There are natural ups and downs that every couple experiences.  But, how you handle those ups and downs will determine how happy you are in your marriage and if it will eventually end in a divorce. Check out these 3 costly mistakes You Never Want To Make In Your Marriage. mistakes in your marriage

Mistake #1: Only praying when you need something.

This will never work.  You have a 24/7 direct line to your creator and the answer to every situation you are struggling with.  Don’t treat God like a genie in a bottle.  Your prayer life needs consistency.  Cultivate a consistent relationship and dialogue with him. 

Mistake #2: Holding a grudge and unforgiveness as a form of punishment for your spouse. 

You will not get the results you want.  Plus, you’ll end up hurting yourself because eventually bitterness and resentment will grow.  It’s inevitable.  They are the fruit of unforgiveness.    Learning how to forgive and create healthy boundaries in your relationship will get you the results you need

Mistake #3: Trying to “fix” your husband so you can feel happier.

When you feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you can’t get your husband to change, it’s because you are trying to do something only God can do.   Only God can fix those broken areas of your husband’s life.  Plus, your happiness is not contingent on the behavior of your spouse.  You should never give that must power to anyone other than God.  

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